Summer Fly Special & Streamer Retrieve

Beetle Mania

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, we turn our thoughts to summer fishing and look forward to Sulphurs, Light Cahills, Slate Drakes and, of course, terrestrials. Ah, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.DSC 2200

Here on Fishing Creek summer is arriving early and we have been using beetles for several weeks and, as in other years, our two favorite pattern are Jim's Beetle and our own Super Beetle. Jim's beetle is a design from our long-time fly tier, Jim Smethers, who has tied for us for at least 30 years. His small, legged, foam beetle, with a spot of orange on the back, is always a top summer producer, and our larger Super Beetle is easy to find on the water, floats like a cork, and is especially productive in faster runs and pocket water often bringing up a big fish.

In celebration of summer we're offering a special- 6 Super Beetles & 6 Jim's Real Beetles for $19.95 plus shipping.   Click here to visit our store to purchase.


We also found a video clip we wanted to share with you.  Tom Rosenbauer gives us some tips on streamer retrieves. If you find yourself on the stream after a summer thunder storm with high, off-color water, his suggestions will be worth trying!  Click here to watch the video.


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From Fishing Creek

2799 BECK IMAGE 2014


s with much of the country, our spring has been cold and late. We're just now seeing March Browns hatching and no one knows what happened to the Hendricksons. We simply didn't see2613 BECK IMAGE 2014 them. We had a beautiful hatch of Grannom Caddis and March Browns yesterday afternoon and it was nice to see rising fish. We've had a good guiding season so far, but everyone is still wearing heavy layers under their waders and often starting the day in down vests. Three fish over 25" were landed this week and lots of fish in the 16" - 22". Although we had a cold winter, the fish wintered well and are in excellent shape. Here are some recent guiding client photos and you can check out our guiding page for more information on scheduling a trip to visit us.  


Up until just a few days ago, most of the fish were caught on nymphs and split shot. It's nice to be back up on top. Our March Browns should last for a couple weeks and will lead right into the Sulphur hatch. We have a number of different Sulphurs here on our stream but the most common is on a size 16 hook. Our favorite patterns continue to be comparaduns.   COMPARA DUN 1877-2 The high deer hair wing makes the fly float well and easy to see. It's also very durable and will last through many fish. After the Sulphurs, we'll see Lt. Cahills and Slate Drakes. With the arrival of these two hatches, we'll know for sure that summer is here. 


Memorial Day usually means the beginning of the terrestrial season with beetles, hoppers, crickets, inch worms, ants, and others. This is always a fun time of year because when these insects fall into the water it's seldom a quiet landing. A big beetle makes a plop and struggles which often gets the attention of a fish immediately. After a few weeks of delicate presentations with dry flies, it's fun to fish a big foam beetle in the riffle or along a grass bank. You never know who might show up! The Super beetle can easily support trailing a pheasant tail or inch worm behind and it's nice to offer a couple of options to the fish. I'd recommend using 4x though if you can.

1847 BECK IMAGE 2014-2Our Comparadun and Super Beetle Selections will keep you prepared and ready for late spring and summer fishing. You can find them here in our website Store.  This is an exciting time in the east, lots of hatches, rising fish, and fun patterns to use. We hope you have a great season and get out often to enjoy all that spring fishing offers.

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Need to get away?

Travel image 0400

  We have a few openings on upcoming trips, so if you're thinking about getting out of town for awhile, maybe one of these destinations will catch your eye. For trips not yet on our web site, please contact us.

June 2 - 9, Boca Paila, Mexico. 1 boat available. June 18 - July 1, East Africa Safari (non fishing) 1 or 2 persons. June 27 - Aug. 3, Laxardal, Iceland. Full Aug. 17-31, Bighorn River, MT. Full Sept. 20 - Oct. 8, Mongolia & Eagle Festival (1 gur available) Oct. 12 - 20, Pyrenees, Spain (3 rooms available) Dec. 1 - 8, Tres Valles, Arg. Full Jan/Feb. Saltwater, destination TBA March 14 - 24, Patagonia, Argentina (4 rooms)

Don't forget Father's Day, June 16 - Our Super Beetle Selection below makes a great gift and is on sale now!

�763 Cathy Becks Super Beetle 000 blg 

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The Super Beetle is a Cicada Too

�763 Cathy Becks Super Beetle 000 blg   Everybody is talking about the 17-year cicadas that are going to show up here anyday. From Connecticut to North Carolina, this is the year. It's an interesting insect, read more about it here- 17 Year Cicadas.

   Our Super Beetle works perfectly for the cicada. Actually in New Zealand the guides call it a cicada. So, in anticipation of what could be some of the best fishing in 17 years (let's hope so), we're offering our Super Beetle Selection for just $15.95 (regularly $21.95). This offer is good until Father's Day, June 16. Place your order here Super Beetle Selection. .

   Get ready for the Cicadas & Father's Day Too!



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