Nick Lyons and Maryland Trout Unlimited Presentation

spring creek


When Cathy was approached by Nick Lyons in 1995 to write her first Fly Fishing Handbook (now in it's third printing), she told Nick that she wasn't the person for this assignment, that she couldn't write a book. He told her, "Cathy, writing a book is like wading a river, you get in and take one step at a time." And then he led her through each step to completion. It is many years later but Mr. Lyons has always remained a very special friend to both Cathy and Barry.

Many of you have enjoyed Nick's books and writing and we thought you might also enjoy this piece by Jim Casada which recently appeared in Sporting Classics Daily. Thank you Nick for all the years of beautiful writing you've given us.  Click here to read the article



We also wanted to mention that Barry and Cathy will be at the Maryland Trout Unlimited chapter meeting, Wednesday, November 19, at the Towson Presbyterian Church.  Cathy will be presenting her "Freshwater Bucket List" program, a presentation of her favorite fishing destinations.  If you live in the Baltimore area, they hope to see you there!  Click here for details


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