Simon in Alaska & Net Extension

Simon in Alaska

SimonSome of you will remember Simon Gawesworth's Spey Clinic which we hosted here a couple years ago. It was a fun weekend with Simon at the helm demonstrating spey casting (as only he can) and helping everyone master the art. This past season Reel Action Camp on the Kenektok River in Alaska hosted a similar clinic (but with much better catch rates!) and have just announced that Simon is returning to Reel Action for a second clinic in July 2018. If you're thinking about Alaska and spey casting, this is definitely for you. Check out the details below and then book your spot because there won't be many and they will go quickly.

And speaking of Alaska, we're hosting a week at Reel Action, Aug. 3-12, 2018, timed for silver salmon. It's an exciting time to be in Alaska as this video clip from Reel Action will show:

Bill's Net Extension

903 BIGHORN 2017 Bill Dohmke came up with a great idea for a landing net extension which he shared with us on the Bighorn this past August. Bill took a standard size net and added a 24 inch extension which makes life a lot easier when you have to reach out of a boat or over a weed bed to net a fish. Bill also pointed out that it helps as we get older and find 904 BIGHORN 2017 that it is harder to bend down. The extension is made of ash and is connected with two stainless steel bolts making it easy to take apart for including in checked luggage. Kudos to Bill for a great idea.   

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Simon Gawesworth is in town!

Spey Clinic

As we write this week's blog, Simon Gawesworth is in the second day of his spey casting clinic. After the morning session here on the pond, the group had a great afternoon on the Susquehanna River at Bloomsburg. It was a fun day with the spey master and everyone learned a lot! Today looks like a repeat of yesterday. Thank you Simon.



Fall Fishing

As you can see, we're continuing to have beautiful fall weather, the stream is in great shape and fishing as been very good. The long range forecast indicates above average temperatures will be with us for awhile, so if you can get away for a day or two give us a call. We'll keep guiding as long as the weather holds.

guiding   IMG 0663

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Spey Clinic, Susie Fitzgerald & Sage Blog

*Spey Casting Clinics with Simon*

*November 2 & 3, 9:00-5:00, Fishing Creek*

This is an exceptional opportunity to learn or improve your spey casting from the master. Sought after around the world, Simon is coming to Fishing Creek for two days of spey clinics. Choose Monday or Tuesday, or both, for an intensive-care spey clinic and a delightful time with this entertaining enjoyable Brit.

simonSimon needs no introduction. Not only is he known for the (very important) hat that he wears at the RIO line company, he has also written three books on Spey casting and has both cast and fished for England in British, European and World Championships and was Captain of the England team for the 2003 World Fly Fishing
Championship. He is A.P.G.A.I. and S.T.A.N.I.C. certified in the U.K. and C.I.,Master and T.H.C.I. certified in the U.S. He is acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on spey casting and he lives in southwest Washington, close to his beloved northwest steelhead rivers.

*$350 per person payable with reservation, lunch included. Directions will be included with confirmation.   Only 6 students per day.   Call 877-278-5638 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot


Sage Blog Publication

Cathy & Barry wrote a blog while on the Bighorn & it was published on the Sage Blog last week.  If you didn't see it already, take a minute to read about the Tricos on the Bighorn by clicking here


In Memoriam:  Susan Burt Fitzgerald  1939-2015  susie

Everyone loved Susie Fitzgerald.  Mike and Susie Fitzgerald started Frontiers with a dream in 1969.  In the years to come they would make friends all over the world. She will be missed by us and everyone who knew her.  The thoughts below from her family remind us all of what a great lady she was. 

It is with heavy hearts that we write and advise that we lost a great lady, our mother, Susie, on Thursday, August 20th following complications during heart surgery. An elementary teacher by training and former stewardess, Susie married her high school sweetheart, Mike, and they followed a shared dream to co-found Frontiers in the autumn of 1969.

This ambition was bolstered by their love of the outdoors, and the ensuing innovations of the Frontiers experiment were formative to the sporting travel industry we know today. Their adventures took them to the furthest corners of the world: from Iceland to Iran, Egypt to Ecuador, and Scotland to Senegal. But Susie had particular affinity for Christmas Island, Argentina, Denmark, and Spain.

They leave a legacy for us to carry on with pride, and their lives' work affirms that not all who wander are lost.

Susie used to say, "Michael handles the forest, and I handle the trees." All who knew them can appreciate the testament this bears to strength of their partnership. Indeed, Susie's perpetual optimism was balanced by unwavering practicality and an eye for the details.

Of course this metaphor may also be interpreted literally: Susie was most at home among the trees in her splendid garden. A passionate horticulturalist, she had one of the most admired private gardens in Western Pennsylvania. Susie undoubtedly had a green thumb, but it was not just the trees and flowers she nurtured. Her generous spirit and boundless compassion (and her love to dive into a 'project') deeply enriched the lives of all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Though small in stature, Susie bravely faced giant health challenges. Diagnosed with breast cancer as a young mother at age 29, she soldiered through massive doses of radiation, moved house, wrangled toddlers, and started a business. This was a gargantuan feat that only tiny Susie could have managed. In the subsequent forty-six years, she was blessed to be cancer-free and lived each day to the fullest. Ironically, the radiation that cured her cancer induced the heart disease from which she suffered in her last decade and created the insurmountable obstacles she encountered in her final hours.

With love and happy memories,

The Fitzgerald Family

In lieu of flowers, those wishing to make a donation in Susie's memory
may consider the following:

The Cancer Caring Center of Pittsburgh

The Drew Mathieson Center for Horticultural and Agricultural Technology

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