Checking in from Alaska

Checking in from Alaska

Internet & communication has been spotty with the Becks this week, but we were able to receive this email & as always, a few photos to hold us over til they return.  Here's what they had to say....

We are at Reel Action camp this week on the Kanetok River in Alaska, chasing silvers, pinks, fresh chums, and rainbows. Weather has been rainy and mostly cloudy which has been very good for the fishing. We're about a mile from the Bering Sea and the salmon are fresh and hot. We are exhausted each night from fighting big fish. Camp is comfortable, food is simple but delicious, and fishing is off the charts. We'll have more next week when Barry gets the photos edited.


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Pebble Mine Update

pebble mine


We wanted to share this video that we recently came across where retired Alaskan Senator Rick Halford reminds us why it's important to protect and safeguard our natural resources and the value of Alaska's wild salmon fishery and all that depend on it. Enjoy the footage. It's beautiful.


 And here's an update on the Pebble Mine from Anchorage Daily News that we found through Midcurrent.  Thanks for staying informed on these important issues with us!

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Save Bristol Bay

pebble mine   Barry and Cathy have been traveling to Alaska to fish for years now, and many of you have joined them.  One of the most well known and best places to fish for salmon, Alaska has been a favorite on our trip schedule.  Please join with us in fighting to save this wonderful fish and wildlife resource that is in jeopardy.  Go to to read more about it.  You can also view another great article about the Jewelers support HERE


   The Becks have plans to return to Alaska in 2014. We're still working out the details but the dates will be July 26-August 2.  If you're interested feel free to call or email us here at the office and we'll get you more information.  We're looking forward to a great trip as always!

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