Yellowstone River Closure, Washing the Skunk, & the SAGE X visits Ireland

The Becks are fishing The Bighorn as we speak and we all wanted to know what was happening out West with the parasite/water problems... Here's a little blurb from Cathy. She also sent a few photos for us as well.

  Yellowstone River Closure

It's 10 day old news now about the Yellowstone and all tributaries being closed to all kinds of activities including boating, rafting, swimming, etc., but the latest news is that it may be a long time before the river system is open again to these activities. The tributaries include the Paradise Valley spring creeks, the Boulder River, the Shields, and others.  This, of course is devastating news for lots of businesses along the waterways; hotels, guide services, fly shops, rafting companies, restaurants, and campgrounds. We hope they find a solution soon to exterminating this horrible parasite.


IRE X- From the Field with the Becks

We are also happy to share with you Barry's blog from Ireland published last montcathy irelandh on the SAGE blog.  You can read it here.  


Washing the Skunk

And lastly, we found this article in MidCurrent and although it doesn't directly relate to fly fishing, you never know when you might need this advice!!  Check out the article by clicking here.

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Sage Rods

The Sage Bookends — "X" and Pulse

Sage   Two exceptional rods at two very different prices.

We've said it before, how does Jerry keep coming up with new rod designs? True to form, Sage is introducing the new Sage X Rod Group 590-4 Detail-2"X" fast action rod this week. Kirk Deeter reviews it in the Angling Trade News (via Field & Stream) and if you like being on the cutting edge of fast, accurate and technical rods, you'll be falling in love all over again! Read the press release in MidCurrent here.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have to say that we've been using the Sage Pulse rods for our clinics, casting lessons, and as loaner rods for a couple seasons and these rods continue to impress us. At a cost of $450, the Pulse is classified as a fast action rod, but with a RIO Grand line, it loads beautifully close up and doesn't hesitate to step up to the plate for longer distances. Beautifully finished blanks are lichen green blank with olive wraps. Same lifetime guarantee, made on Bainbridge Island. View the video below.

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