Hello from Bolivia

Well here we are in Bolivia in the middle of the jungle and we have Wifi! Can you believe it? I'm sitting on my mosquito-netted bed listening to the Secure River and the jungle night sounds on the other side of our screened room and writing to you!

I don't have any photos ready but will post some tomorrow night. We're having an incredible week of Golden Dorado fishing. Everyone has caught big Dorado and Paku among other intersting jungle fish. The fishing is pretty unbelievable. The lodge and the meals are incredible, we're living in style.

The Tsimane Indian village is just down river a bit and our boatmen are young men from the village. We watch them kill catfish and Sabalo (a common fish in the river) with their homemade bows and arrows. On the way home in the evening we drop the fish off at the village. The children come running out to see us and to get the fish. It's pretty fascinating.

I'll talk more tomorrow night. See you then.



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