When to Start Your Child Fishing & Father's Day Photo Contest

At what age should I get my kids started in fly fishing? This question came to us this week and it's a good one. Actually the question was At what age was Annie (our daughter) when she started fishing?

Annie went with us to the stream occasionally when she was a toddler (3-5). During these years she mostly learned to throw rocks, get her shoes wet, and slip and slide around on wet stones. But it became somewhat familiar territory for her and she would see us catch a fish now and then. Mostly it was stream side babysitting and not much fishing for us either.

As she got older she played by herself alongside the stream doing the usual stuff – making mud pies, floating sticks, throwing more stones, but now she would come out and net the fish for us. She would make a few casts with the rod but didn't have much attention span yet. We have a pond with panfish and she did much better at the pond catching bluegills – they were easier, she could handle them and let them flop around in the dirt and grass and they would swim away happily when she got them back in the water. It was especially nice at the pond in May because when the bluegills are spawning they are close to the edge and she could see them take the fly – and it's not too buggy or weedy yet. She learned quickly how to smooth down the spines so she wouldn't get pricked.

When she was ready (for her it was around 11/12), we found a riffle on our home stream where she could stand at the edge in water that wasn't too deep and practice her casting with a fly. The moving water camouflaged her sloppy casts and the fish had less time to decide about the fly, so it sometimes resulted in her catching a fish. There's nothing like a reward at any age, but especially with kids. They need to get results or they will soon get bkids_fly_fishing_flyfishingored. From that point on it was pretty easy and she learned as she gained experience.

For us, it has come full circle, so to speak, because we are now taking our grandsons, who are 5 & 6, fishing. They have Echo Gecko fly rods which they use like little spey rods and have become quite good at getting the fly out there. We are enjoying every minute of it.

What is the right age to take a child fishing? Whenever they want to go! 

 Father's Day Photo Contest

In Honor of Father's Day we're hosting our next Photo Contest.  Send us your favorite photos of kids fishing.  Any kind of fishing is fine, it doesn't have to be fly fishing.  We will accept photos for the next 2 weeks until June 25th and the winner will be announced by June 30th.  Email your entries (no more than 2 each please) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will share your photos each week on our blog and our office staff will cast votes for the favorites.  We hope you have fun searching through your new and old photos to find your entries!  We're looking forward to seeing them! 

First Place winner will receive a Hoodman loupe- one of our favorite accessories while photographing.

Second Place winner will receive a 16 GB card to fit your camera and a card wallet.

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September Memos from Barry & Cathy's Office

Often we have a few different "news worthy" pieces of miscellaneous information that we want to share with you all.  Rather than sending out multiple blogs and filling up your email, we decided that we will combine it all in one informational "Memo" blog.  This will probably become a monthly habit and hopefully will help keep you in the loop with what's going on here in the office!

So, for September.... 

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Send us your best fishing photo

We've shared many of our favorite photos with you over the past few months, but now we want to hear from you. 

Here are the guidelines: We're running a photo contest from today through September 18th.  Send us your favorite fishing photo by emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 1 entry per person so choose wisely!  We will share all entries in a weekly blog and our office staff will choose the winners by September 25th.  1st Place Winner gets a Sage 2050 (5/6) Fly Reel, RIO Hat, and a 2014 Angler's Calendar. 2nd Place gets a RIO Grand Fly Line of their choice, RIO Hat, and a 2014 Angler's Calendar. 3rd Place gets a RIO hat and a 2014 Angler's Calendar.

If you don't have a favorite, get out on the water this weekend and snap one!  We're excited to see your best photos & hope to hear from all our readers.  Good luck!

Bighorn 09 1926


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