Limay River Lodge & Barry's Favorite Walkaround Camera

Limay River Lodge

Those of you who have traveled with us to Argentina and the San Martin area may remember meeting Jorge Trucco. Jorge was instrumental in the early years in establishing relationships between estancia owners, guides, outfitters, and Frontiers which resulted in the amazing network of fishing opportunities in Argentina today. Meanwhile the Limay River was pretty much out of reach for visiting anglers because of its remoteness and lack of guest facilities. Jorge has recently opened his own Limay River Lodge and even if you have not plans to visit Argentina, you will enjoy this video clip. It's a pleasure to watch and will remind us of why we fish.


Nikon 1 V3- My Favorite Walk Around Camera 

My friends who travel with us on our hosted trips are always commenting about how heavy my camera bag is, It's true, at 32 pounds it sometimes becomes a bear but it carries everything I might need for my photography. There's always a Nikon D4 body, a flash a 24-70 mm, 16-35 mm, a 105 macro and a 70-200 mm lens to round out my arsenal. There are memory cards, spare batteries and the list goes on, but in a small pocket of my Thinktank camera bag sits a Nikon One V3 mirrorless camera. It looks like a toy camera next to the D4s but it has become my constant companion where ever I go. It's small and not intrusive. It sports an electronic viewfinder, shoots raw, shoots great video, has a great choice in lens offerings and a tilt down 3inch touch screen. At 18 megapixels the images are stunning and with built in Wi Fi you can send the images right to your smart phone. Check it out with Jody Grober at Roberts Distributors. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

27693 Nikon 1 V3 front

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