Report from the Field- From Cathy at Tres Valles Argentina

What a way to start the trip!!



Nico Fliess hooks and lands a record brown trout from the lake at Tres Valles. 

The monster brown measured 33" length, 16 pounds, and was perfect in every way.  The three of us were fishing this morning hoping for a nice fish to photograph when Nico landed this fish on RIO 3x tippet, his 590-4 Sage ONE rod and RIO Grand line, fishing a #12 caddis pupa.  His reaction was, "I am so happy", which was repeated many times, followed by

"I've never seen a brown trout this big", and added as an after thought, "I love my Sage ONE."   It was the best morning we've ever had on the lake with 12 fish landed, none under 6 pounds!  We love this place!


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