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Mongolia Adventure

Tim Younkin1Looking for adventure? A new destination and species to add to your list? Wide open space? No crowds, planes, cell towers, highways, or noise, but yet a place with great guides, exciting fishing, and a warm comfortable lodge to return to each evening? We've got just the place. Mongolia + Taimen = Adventure! 7 nights/6 days in camp, $6,300 pp shared occupancy/guide. Sept. 23 - Oct. 5.

Check out the itinerary and then contact us or Frontiers. Remember, it's all about the experience!

Taimen Fund

While we're on the subject....

If you've visited the Eg/Ur Camp you know first hand what an incredible job the Taimen Conservation Alliance is doing in Mongolia to protect these amazing fish and to promote sustainable "catch and release" fishing practices and natural
reproduction. Please take a minute to read the newsletter, get a glimpse of the last strong hold for the oldest running strain of trout in the world. And then, we all thank you if you are moved to make a donation to the Taimen Fund. Thank you.



Also, I heard from Cathy this morning.  This is the view from the lodge.    The group is having good weather (a little wind) and very good fishing at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile.  We'll have more on the trip next week...  chile2016


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A New Anglers Wall Calendar, Our Mongolia Story, and a Recap of Iceland

Our order of the 2016 Angler calendars just arrived!  We are excited to announce that Willow Creek is showcasing the entire new year exclusively with Beck images.  We have them for sale in our online store.  You can check them out by clicking here


calendar back








The Overland Journal Article You Won't Want to Miss

In 2014, after a week of taimen fishing in Mongolia Barry and Cathy and a small group of friends packed up sleeping mongoliabags, a week's supply of food, spare tires, water, and extra gas cans and drove across Mongolia to the western province of Olgii and the world famous Eagle Festival, a rendezvous of nomadic golden eagle hunters and spectators, to experience and capture images of this amazing event involving contests and competitions. Their essay appears in the current issue of Overland Journal. Although I heard the stories when they returned from their trip and I was involved in submitting the story for publication, when the printed magazine was delivered to our office I couldn't help but take time out to read it.  The magazine editors did a fantastic job printing some of Barry's best photos and Barry & Cathy wrote an engaging story of their time in Mongolia.  We hope you'll take the time to find a copy and enjoy it! 



Iceland, 2015- Cathy's Report from the Field

Summer (as it is) is arriving late in Iceland this year and some of the fishing areas are still closed because of snow. That said, Barry & Cathy had a good trip with lots of beautiful char and brown trout caught on dries, nymphs and even a few on streamers. We'll let the photos tell the story. It was pretty incredible and we are anxious to explore more of this new region next June.



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Read about a Great Organization

I know, there are thousands of good charities and worthy organizations out there doing amazing work, and all vying for our donations. We are not asking you to donate, but just want to share a story with you about the Taimen Fund (although we will include a link to donate, should you be so moved). It's an interesting story from Sweetwater Travel, with whom Frontiers works with to arrange Mongolia fishing departures.

At one time, Taimen had the largest range of any salmonid in the world - they swam from the Danube in central Europe all the way to Russian Far East. Today, after years of abuse, the Taimen can be found in a few small remnants of its original range. Mongolia, and specifically the Eg-Uur watershed, has one of the healthiest populations of Taimen left on earth. There has been fishing for Taimen in Mongolia since 1995. In 2004, with the help of the World Bank, Sweetwater helped form a 501(c)(3) called The Tributary Fund. Now transitioned to The Taimen Fund, this fund under the leadership of long-time Mongolia guide, Charlie Conn, has raised money to help insure that the world's largest trout can always call Mongolia home.

Through conservation efforts, a monastery has been rebuilt on the upper Eg-Uur, and have employed River Keepers to patrol the river to insure the fish are protected from illegal fishing and neTim Younkin2tting. These efforts are succeeding and the Taimen population is still super strong. Barry and I have hosted two trips to Mongolia's Eg-Uur Camp for Taimen and we and our guests will vouch that it is an amazing experience. We've visited the Monastery and met the monks who will keep their hand on the pulse of this wonderful fishery. The Mongolian people are warm, friendly, and display a unique sense of humor; and they love having us visit their river. In the 1930's, Russia destroyed many of the monasteries and either killed or drove off the monks, but today the monasteries are being rebuilt and the monks, at least here, are taking an active interest in the health and welfare of the river, their lifeblood.

Through association with many Mongolian conservation agencies and organizations, the groundwork has been laid for the future of taimen protection in Mongolia. The Taimen Fund hopes to continue their flagship River Keeper program in the Eg-Uur watershed and will work closely with Taimen Conservation Alliance to forge community partnerships.

We will return to Mongolia, maybe in 2016, and will look forward to another very special week in Taimen camp and among these beautiful, kind, people and those big gorgeous fish!



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Our adventures in Mongolia

2013 MONGOLIA 1c0621

Mongolia is one of those places that we can't stay away from. From the incredible taimen fishing to the beautiful fall scenery, it keeps pulling us back.

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Our Newest Exotic Adventure

Hey, this is a different trip for us because we're only going to do it one time. I've always wanted to see Mongolia and I've got Barry talked into it. So, this September we're taking a small group and going in by helicopter to fish for taimen on the Eg River and/or Uur, near Hovsgol, in northern Mongolia. We've got 6 full days of fishing planned with some extra time in Beijing to see some sights and a 2-day extension to the Gobi Dessert at the end. This is a trip of a lifetime for us and we'd love to have you join us. Check out the video, brochure, and details here or on our website. Contact us or Frontiers if you'd like to know more.

Our web site has the brochure that sold me on the trip. You can download it from the Hosted Trips page www.barryandcathybeck.com

I found this video on Mongolia. It gives us a preview of what the country/fishing is like.

The River Time Forgot-Mongolia from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.
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