Judas Fish, Summer Mayflies, & RIO Products

What is a Judas Fish?

This article comes to us from MidCurrent. We had not heard of a Judas Fish before and it's quite interesting how it got the name and how the National Park Service is using it. We think you'll enjoy the story.


Summer Mayflies: Slate Drakes

Here on Fishing Creek, and in most of the northeast, we are having one of the wettest summers in recent history. Actually just yesterday we had a flash flood in our valley which surprised everyone. Usually by this time in July we're hoping for rain – not so this year.

The good water levels mean that summer fishing will continue to be good and it's time to think about our summer mayflies and in particular the slate drakes. The slate drakes on Fishing Creek are pretty much a true size 12, and a comparadun imitates the actual insect very well, and that's why it's in our online store. The red brown spinner in a size 12 is a pretty good slate drake spinner imitation. The flies have been hatching for awhile, but the fish are still hungry and eager for them.Dark Green Drakes Fly Fisherman

Here's a link to an interesting “Drake” article by Pennsylvanian Paul Weamer. If you live or fish on the east coast, and haven't fished any of the “Drakes,” this is a good year and a good time to try it. They're big, fish love them, and they provide lots of fun at a time of year when otherwise we'd be fishing the really little stuff!



We are delighted to announce that RIO made a clean sweep of every single possible new product award. Read more here


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Pebble Mine Update

pebble mine


We wanted to share this video that we recently came across where retired Alaskan Senator Rick Halford reminds us why it's important to protect and safeguard our natural resources and the value of Alaska's wild salmon fishery and all that depend on it. Enjoy the footage. It's beautiful.


 And here's an update on the Pebble Mine from Anchorage Daily News that we found through Midcurrent.  Thanks for staying informed on these important issues with us!

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Tom & Gerri Morgan's Story

Barry and I met Tom Morgan in the early 1980's at the Winston Rod Factory. In those days he, Glen Bracket, and Jerry Siem were already designing and building the finest rods in the United States, perhaps the world. We were in an old VW bus, camped along the Madison, and that visit to the Winston Rod factory was the highlight of our trip. A lot of water has passed over the dam for all of us since then. Glen is still making beautiful rods at Sweetgrass Rod Co., Jerry moved on to be Rod Designer at Sage, and I'm not sure what we are doing. But this beautiful story will bring you up to date on Tom and Gerri Morgan. We found it in MidCurrent. Thanks to Wright Thompson and Ross Dettman (and ESPN magazine) for their wonderful work.  -Cathy



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A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

It's a rainy, dreary day here in NEPA.  I have been saving up some interesting articles that we've come across and I think that today is a good day to share a few of them with you.  There's a little bit of everything here so I hope you find something that interests you!

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How to Clean Fly Lines

Tangled lines are no fun!

Clean fly lines float higher, shoot further, coil less, and last longer. These video clips from RIO are in the most recent issue of MidCurrent Fly Fishing News and demonstrate the easiest, quickest, most effective way to clean a fly line. Make sure your line is clean for best performance.


update: the links have been corrected...sorry for the error and thank you for reading!
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