Instant Wader Repair

This is one of those don't-leave-home-without-it products that can savloonwadere your fishing trip.   

At the moment we're in Patagonia on the Rio Malleo river with a group of anglers from Frontier's. The weather is perfect, hatches are unbelievable, and the fishing is over the top - so the last thing we need on a day like this is leaky waders, just ask Jack Innocenzi. The Rio Malleo is a cold, cold spring creek and when Jack's right wader leg started to fill with water he knew he was in trouble. We turned his waders inside out and we could actually see the hole loon2on the seam. Out came the UV Wader Repair from Loon Products. One quick application and within minutes the hole was sealed. It's important that the material is applied in a shaded area and then exposed to the sun. It sets up in seconds and you're back fishing in no time. In the Loon wader repair kit is also a UV light in case you don't have sunshine to set the repair.

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