Iceland trip 2016

Fishing in the Land of Fire & Ice

If you follow the travel magazines and travel sections in the big newspapers you know that Iceland has become "the place to be". It's easy to get to, safe, and the extreme scenery and Icelandic people are, well, over the top. Two days ago Iceland was featured on Good Morning America. If you saw the show, you know what I'm talking about. We too are in awe of the landscapes and the people, but it's the fishing that takes us back each year (thank goodness GMA didn't talk about the fishing). Double digit browns and Highland char are simply amazing in the land of fire and ice. With our June departure, we will be right on time for the best of the trout and char fishing. Check it out on our website and then come along with us— and don't forget your camera!



Also From Cathy:
Remember when Flip Pallot hosted Walker's Cay Chronicles and we all loved listening to him talk about fishing and life on the water? Well, if you haven't seen his video clip for Yeti coolers, you have to take a look. It's 100% Flip and is especially relevant to the "over the hill" gang - not that any of you (us) would qualify for membership in this elite group!


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A New Anglers Wall Calendar, Our Mongolia Story, and a Recap of Iceland

Our order of the 2016 Angler calendars just arrived!  We are excited to announce that Willow Creek is showcasing the entire new year exclusively with Beck images.  We have them for sale in our online store.  You can check them out by clicking here


calendar back








The Overland Journal Article You Won't Want to Miss

In 2014, after a week of taimen fishing in Mongolia Barry and Cathy and a small group of friends packed up sleeping mongoliabags, a week's supply of food, spare tires, water, and extra gas cans and drove across Mongolia to the western province of Olgii and the world famous Eagle Festival, a rendezvous of nomadic golden eagle hunters and spectators, to experience and capture images of this amazing event involving contests and competitions. Their essay appears in the current issue of Overland Journal. Although I heard the stories when they returned from their trip and I was involved in submitting the story for publication, when the printed magazine was delivered to our office I couldn't help but take time out to read it.  The magazine editors did a fantastic job printing some of Barry's best photos and Barry & Cathy wrote an engaging story of their time in Mongolia.  We hope you'll take the time to find a copy and enjoy it! 



Iceland, 2015- Cathy's Report from the Field

Summer (as it is) is arriving late in Iceland this year and some of the fishing areas are still closed because of snow. That said, Barry & Cathy had a good trip with lots of beautiful char and brown trout caught on dries, nymphs and even a few on streamers. We'll let the photos tell the story. It was pretty incredible and we are anxious to explore more of this new region next June.



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Laxardal, Iceland

July found us back in Iceland for our second trip. This year we had more clouds and rain, but the fishing was just as good. Once again it was almost all dry fly fishing for big brown trout averaging 4-7 pounds. We used big foam beetles, parachute Adams, and Wulffs. Sometimes we trailed a small nymph but often it was a single dry fly. The river flows north to Husavik where it enters the ocean, just under the Arctic circle. We're already planning to return in late June, 2014. 

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