Urgent: Your help is needed

2816 WILD BROOK TROUT 2012We just got word from a friend that Pennsylvania HB 1576 known as the Threatened and Endangered Species Act will be voted on by The House of Representatives on March 10th.  Those of us who enjoy fishing in the outdoors need to express our opposition to this bill.  The reasons are that this bill will place the determiniation of all wild trout water designations and the listing of all threatened and endangered species in PA in control of a group named IRRC, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission which is comprised of 5 political appointees who have no backgroup and no staff support in these areas.  Furthermore what it does is politicizes the listing of all threatened and endangered species and wild trout waters in PA.  Therefore we're asking that you communicate with your Pennsylvanian House Representative your opposition to HB 1576 prior to March 10th.  If you don't already know your Representatives email, you can click here to get their contact information.  Thanks for taking a stand with us on this important issue.  Please share this with anyone else you know who will help us save our streams.


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