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Hareline is the USA Distributor for Omnispool Products  -  Click here to see all their new products


Omnispool Switchbox Kit
The Omnispool Switchbox makes your life a lot easier when you need to change, clean, organize, or just mess around with your fly lines! Smartly designed to interlock together to store different fly lines when they are not on the reel, they also have a cleaning pad that attaches to the front of the Omni Spool. Lines are buffed, cleaned stored or fished in seconds! A video tutorial is up and running on our Youtube channel, take a look at what these Omni Spools can do. You will not be disappointed! In stock and ready for your customers.
OKIT- Complete Switchbox Kit OSB - Switchbox

OLC - LinCarebox OCH - Extra Crank Handle


Hareline Amadou Dryers
Not to be confused with Xanadu--you younger guys can Google that-- There are two sizes and styles of Dryers: Foam covers, and "Rich Corinthian Leather" covers--again young people will need to use Google. Bring us your soggy, slimed, waterlogged flies, and Voila! Those dries are ready for the next round of drifts. The Hareline Amadou Pad is the perfect size to display smartly on the vest and works just as hard at sopping up those sad soaked dryfly patterns to present to those selective feeding spotted devils. Handy leather strap included at no cost.
SLA - Small Leather Amadou Dryer SFA - Small Foam Amadou Dryer

LLA - Large Leather Amadou Dryer LFA - Large Foam Amadou Dryer

AP - Amadou Patch


New J:son Short Shank Dry Fly Hooks
Better than Lefsa! The designs of these hooks are awesome! J:son's Ultimate Dry Fly Hook not only have an oversized eye, very handy, but matches with perfect proportion those realistic bugs we are tying using J:son products, also very handy. Wide gapped and micro barbed to keep'em pinned and released with ease, and a straight eye that keeps everything looking good. The Ultimate Short Shank Dry Fly Hook has all the qualities with less shank. Extended bodied flies have the perfect place to call home. Every bug, in any size you need to tie, has an Ultimate Hook matched to fit your pattern.
JUD - J:son Ultimate Dry Fly Hook available sizes 6-20

JSS - J:son Short Shank Ultimate Dry Fly Hook available sizes 8-24


Glue Sticks and New High Temp Gun are Back
After numerous consumer and dealer requests, we have added the top six selling colors of our mini glue sticks back into our lineup. We have also added a new high temp gun to go with them.
STK - 53 Champagne, 54 Chartreuse, 60 Clear, 99 Dark Roe, 271 Orange Roe, 272 Oregon Cheese, 289 Pink Lady and 327 Salmon


Tapered Slip Strike Indicators
The season is in full swing, boats, float tubes, and pontoon boats are getting word from the lakes-"Get out...Go Fishing!" These Slip Strike Indicators are made for those l-o-n-g leaders you need in lake fishing or deep rivers. No matter the length of the leader these slip indicators hold firm during casting and retrieving until the hook is set. The design of these indicators then release and slide down the leader letting you bring the fish to the net instead of 15 or 20 feet from it. What a concept!! The Slip Strike Indicators are tapered for less wind resistance. They are available in 3 sizes and 5 different colors to choose from. Also there are multi-colored packs available in all sizes.
TIS - Small 3/4" Tapered Slip Indicator TISC - 5 Color Combo pack Small 3/4"

TIM - Medium 7/8" Tapered Slip Indicator TIMC - 5 Color Combo pack Medium 7/8"

TILS - Large 1" Tapered Slip Indicator TILC - 5 Color Combo pack Large 1"

All three sizes available in the folowing colors

127 FL Chartreuse, 137 Fl Orange, 138 Fl Pink, 139 Fl Red and 142 Fl Yellow


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Cathy's Fleeing Crab in Field & Stream

Cathy's Fleeing Crab with a natural

The coolest thing happened. Kirk Deeter has included my Fleeing Crab in his recent article in Field & Stream of his favorite patterns for trout and bass. It's an interesting list, be sure to take a look. You can check it out on our web site too under Merchandise. Thanks Kirk!
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What's This Blog About

I've been wrestling for weeks now with what to do about the blog. What I've decided is that it should be a place to talk about lots of things - photography, fly fishing, fly casting, fly fishing travel & lodges, flies, and everything that goes along with these subjects. We're trying to figure out how to do this while maintaining some semblance of identity, organization & easy navigation. We may not get it right the first time, but we hope that you'll be patient with us. We want it to be your go-to place for connecting, community, and conversation. We'll do our best and look forward to hearing from you with suggestions, comments, and critiques. Please visit often and comment often. Let us know how to make it better as we go along. Cathy & Barry

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Tying Cathy Beck's Super Bugger

Sizes: 6 & 8
Colors: Tan, Black, Olive
Hook: Tiemco 3761
Thread: Tan, Black, Olive
Tail: Tan, Black or Olive Blood Feather overlay 6 strands Krystal Flash in corresponding color.
Rib: Hareline dyed grizzly hen body feathers, available from AA Outfitters,
800-443-8119 or Tan, black or olive.
Legs: Two rubber sili-legs. Root beer, black or olive.
Eyes: Lead eyes painted yellow and black. XS on size 8, small on size 6.
Head: Spiked dubbing figure-eighted around the eyes. Or, dubbing brushes if available.

The idea for Cathy’s Super Bugger was to design a fly that would create more underwater vibration or noise which would help fish locate and find the fly. The combination of a thick web hackle body and sili-legs pushes the water as the fly is retrieved, creating noise and vibration. Having the eyes tied ontop of the hook inverts the fly as it is being retrieved, gives it a more leech-like action in the water, and keeps it from fouling on the bottom.
Super Bugger Tying Steps:

1.Secure the painted eyes at the thorax positon of the hook by figure eighting with your tying thread. This is approximately a quarter of the hook shank back from the eye. Coat the thread windings with super glue and let dry.
2.Take the tying thread back to the rear of the hook shank.
3.Tie in the 6 strands of Krystal Flash. It should be the length of the hook shank.
4.Tie in the marabou tail, same length.
5.Tie in the first of the grizzly hen body feathers. Wind the hackle forward toward the hook eye, but keep it tight. The idea here is to build bulk with hackle. Once you've finished, tie in the next hackle in the same manner. It may take four hackles to complete the hackle body.
6.Tie in the two silli legs by figure eighting them with thread around the hook eye. They should be sticking out from the sides and the length of the leg should be the same on each side.
7.Figure eight the eye with a spiked dubbing to create a head.
8.Whip finish and the fly is done.


Marabou shorts (or blood feathers) work best and in the end are more efficient than buying a plume.

Coat your painted lead eyes with Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails. They will hold up better. (In the cosmetic section of your pharmacy).

Remember to open up your casting loop with any lead-eye flies. This used to be called chuck and duck fishing. Also, with a tight loop the fly could potentially hit the rod blank and break it. If you're a Sage customer, this means your Z-Axis is going to be better than your TCX.

Vary your retrieve speeds and remember to set the hook with your line hand and not the rod tip. If you miss the fish the fly will still be in the game and the fish may take again.

Black works best in off-color water. Tan is the perfect color for any stream or river that has a crayfish population.
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