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The Sage Bookends — "X" and Pulse

Sage   Two exceptional rods at two very different prices.

We've said it before, how does Jerry keep coming up with new rod designs? True to form, Sage is introducing the new Sage X Rod Group 590-4 Detail-2"X" fast action rod this week. Kirk Deeter reviews it in the Angling Trade News (via Field & Stream) and if you like being on the cutting edge of fast, accurate and technical rods, you'll be falling in love all over again! Read the press release in MidCurrent here.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have to say that we've been using the Sage Pulse rods for our clinics, casting lessons, and as loaner rods for a couple seasons and these rods continue to impress us. At a cost of $450, the Pulse is classified as a fast action rod, but with a RIO Grand line, it loads beautifully close up and doesn't hesitate to step up to the plate for longer distances. Beautifully finished blanks are lichen green blank with olive wraps. Same lifetime guarantee, made on Bainbridge Island. View the video below.

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"Grace" Fly Rod & Buying your first fly rod


Sage's GRACE Fly Rod Raises Over $14,000 for Casting for Recovery

 Fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing, partnered with the breast cancer non-profit Casting for Recovery (CfR) in 2013 to raise funds for the organization. Sage committed a portion from every sale of the GRACE rod to go directly to CfR to support its work. Sage is pleased to announce that $14,050 was raised for CfR through the 2013 GRACE program.

Casting for Recovery is dedicated to giving women powerful tools to overcome the mental and physical challenges of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The CfR quality of life program takes women on multi-day retreats and teaches them to fly fish at no cost. Donations allow CfR to offer its programming to more women in need of support.

"We're thrilled about the success of the GRACE rod, and so grateful for the generous contribution from Sage," says Whitney Milhoan, the executive director of CfR. "The GRACE rod is beautiful and performs with the same amazing quality Sage is known for, but what makes this partnership extra special is knowing that the team at Sage really believes in the mission of Casting for Recovery."breast-cancer-ribbon

"The GRACE rod expresses Sage's enthusiasm to help breast cancer survivors the best way we know how—by building an elegant fly rod that's comfortable to cast," comments Sage marketing manager, Eric Gewiss. "We couldn't be happier about the success of the GRACE rod and our contribution to this great organization."   


Looking to buy your first fly rod? This was a question brought to us this week. For it and other recently asked questions, check out our Q&A pages

   I am buying my first fly rod as a trout fisherman, what should I buy? 
A 9' #5.  There are more 9' for 5 weight rods sold than any other rod.  That's because this rod will work best in most trout fishing situations.  You can take it almost anywhere in the world and have a suitable, if not perfect, trout rod.  It should be a medium-fast action so you can be comfortable fishing all fly types.  Price?  Buy the best you can afford.  Buy from a reputable company in case you need service later on, and make sure it has a lifetime guarantee, most rods do.

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Tom & Gerri Morgan's Story

Barry and I met Tom Morgan in the early 1980's at the Winston Rod Factory. In those days he, Glen Bracket, and Jerry Siem were already designing and building the finest rods in the United States, perhaps the world. We were in an old VW bus, camped along the Madison, and that visit to the Winston Rod factory was the highlight of our trip. A lot of water has passed over the dam for all of us since then. Glen is still making beautiful rods at Sweetgrass Rod Co., Jerry moved on to be Rod Designer at Sage, and I'm not sure what we are doing. But this beautiful story will bring you up to date on Tom and Gerri Morgan. We found it in MidCurrent. Thanks to Wright Thompson and Ross Dettman (and ESPN magazine) for their wonderful work.  -Cathy



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Sage & The Becks in Vegas!

Sage   Barry and Cathy are on their way to the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) in Las Vegas this week.  At the show Sage will introduce their new rod models like the Motive and the Method.  We can't wait for you to try them out!  You can read more about them HERE. Photos of the show to come....

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New Circa Rod from Sage

Circa - Sage's Newest Rod
Circa from Sage

This is a beautiful video clip with Jerry Siem, chief rod designer at Sage. You'll enjoy the videography even if you're not looking for a new rod!

But while you're there, check out the Circa,  Sage's new slower action fly rod. Click the image to jump to the video.
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