Great video clip

We came across this video clip and wanted to share it with you all.  Every once in a while you find a very professional video clip that really makes you want to be there. Even if you're not a largemouth angler, this footage will make you "want to be there". Beautifully done.  Click here to see the clip.


Also, here is our 2015 Trip schedule in case you're planning a fishing trip next year.  We'd love to have you come along with us. 

Jan 8-17 Coyhaique River, Chile (trout)

Feb 1-20 South Island, New Zealand (trout)

Feb 27-Mar 10  Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)

March 8-21  Patagonia, Argentina (trout)

April 6-14  Campeche & Grand Slam, Mexico (tarpon/bones/permit)

July 6-13  Isla Holbox, Mexico (tarpon)

July 23- Aug 4  East Africa, Kenya & Tanzania (photo safari)

Aug 4-16  East Africa, Kenya & Tanzania (photo safari)

Aug 21- Sept 6  Bighorn, Montana (trout)

Nov 27- Dec 7  Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)

TBA  Laxardal, Iceland

TBA  Pyrenees, Spain

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Mouse Season in New Zealand

2079 Spring brown troutCould this season be the one we've been waiting for? Quite possibly according to reports coming out of New Zealand predicting a bumper crop of mice due to expected heavy beech forest seed fall which will lead to an explosion in rats, mice and stoats. Check out the link and video below for details. If you've been thinking about New Zealand, this could be a very exciting time to be with us at Owen River Lodge on the South Island. February 1-20. 8 days fishing. Details about the trip on our website here.


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This week at Reel Action, Alaska

Cathy & Barry are in Alaska this week and we've been anxious to hear from them.  While they've traveled to Alaska a number of times, this was their first time at this camp.  It is more rustic than most but the fishing was supposed to be fantastic.  When we received an email from Cathy this morning, here's what she wrote:  "Dolly Varden are everywhere, lots of pinks, lots of chum, silvers are just showing up. Rainbows are alreadReel Action AK 2014548-1y on the eggs but that said, we've caught some great rainbows on mouse patterns. Weather is great for this time of year in Alaska and the food in camp is over the top. Life is good here on the Kanetok!"  Sounds like they are having a great time. 

Here's a photo she included of Paul Jacob holding an exceptional Dolly.  

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Sage & RIO take home the trophies - Again!

sageThe annual IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) Show was held in Orlando, FL, last week. We're proud to announce that once again Sage and RIO won Best of Show for new 2015 products. We don't know how Jerry Siem continues to improve on the best fly rods made today, but he finds ways. The new Accel and SALT rods took Best of Show and the SALT series took Overall Best of Show. Simon Gawesworth and RIO were also right there in the trophy receiving line with the new RIO Permit Fly Line. We're proud to be aligned with these two American Made Companies who continue to make the best better. rio

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Important Women in the History of Fly Fishing




We are proud to announce that Cathy has been featured in Fly Life Magazine's series:  Important Women in the History of Fly Fishing. Each week the series highlights accomplishments and career profiles of influential women in our sport.  We are grateful and excited that these women, including Cathy are being showcased for their contributions.  You can follow the series and read Cathy's story HERE.  Thank you Fly Life. 

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Fly Selection

In this week's blog, Cathy talks to us about Fly Selection- what to use & when.  Good advice whether you're new at fly fishing or a seasoned angler.  It's a QR video code excerpt from Cathy's "Fly-Fishing Handbook" which you can find in our store.



Also, a quick reminder about our Kids Fishing photo contest.  We're still accepting entries until June 25th and you can see the details here.  We're off to a great start; thank you to everyone that has submitted so far.  We've enjoyed seeing your photos come in!


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When to Start Your Child Fishing & Father's Day Photo Contest

At what age should I get my kids started in fly fishing? This question came to us this week and it's a good one. Actually the question was At what age was Annie (our daughter) when she started fishing?

Annie went with us to the stream occasionally when she was a toddler (3-5). During these years she mostly learned to throw rocks, get her shoes wet, and slip and slide around on wet stones. But it became somewhat familiar territory for her and she would see us catch a fish now and then. Mostly it was stream side babysitting and not much fishing for us either.

As she got older she played by herself alongside the stream doing the usual stuff – making mud pies, floating sticks, throwing more stones, but now she would come out and net the fish for us. She would make a few casts with the rod but didn't have much attention span yet. We have a pond with panfish and she did much better at the pond catching bluegills – they were easier, she could handle them and let them flop around in the dirt and grass and they would swim away happily when she got them back in the water. It was especially nice at the pond in May because when the bluegills are spawning they are close to the edge and she could see them take the fly – and it's not too buggy or weedy yet. She learned quickly how to smooth down the spines so she wouldn't get pricked.

When she was ready (for her it was around 11/12), we found a riffle on our home stream where she could stand at the edge in water that wasn't too deep and practice her casting with a fly. The moving water camouflaged her sloppy casts and the fish had less time to decide about the fly, so it sometimes resulted in her catching a fish. There's nothing like a reward at any age, but especially with kids. They need to get results or they will soon get bkids_fly_fishing_flyfishingored. From that point on it was pretty easy and she learned as she gained experience.

For us, it has come full circle, so to speak, because we are now taking our grandsons, who are 5 & 6, fishing. They have Echo Gecko fly rods which they use like little spey rods and have become quite good at getting the fly out there. We are enjoying every minute of it.

What is the right age to take a child fishing? Whenever they want to go! 

 Father's Day Photo Contest

In Honor of Father's Day we're hosting our next Photo Contest.  Send us your favorite photos of kids fishing.  Any kind of fishing is fine, it doesn't have to be fly fishing.  We will accept photos for the next 2 weeks until June 25th and the winner will be announced by June 30th.  Email your entries (no more than 2 each please) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will share your photos each week on our blog and our office staff will cast votes for the favorites.  We hope you have fun searching through your new and old photos to find your entries!  We're looking forward to seeing them! 

First Place winner will receive a Hoodman loupe- one of our favorite accessories while photographing.

Second Place winner will receive a 16 GB card to fit your camera and a card wallet.

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New Rio Product & Kayak Bass Fishing


RIO is excited to introduce another great addition to the OutBound Short Series. Click HERE for more info.


Also, if you have time, take a minute and check out the Early Summer issue of Kayak Angler. 

They used a great image of Toby Thompson & Cathy fishing for bass on the Susquehanna River.  Barry captured the unique shot from the Interstate 80 bridge.  You can view the Issue HERE



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New Fly Boxes & Updated Trip Schedule

VID 5130We've received several requests to sell our imprinted fly boxes that we use for our selections. These boxes are lightweight, foam-lined, with a transparent lid. Perfect to put in a pack or shirt pocket when you want to go light.

Sizes include Medium (4-1/2 x 6), and Large (5 x 8). Medium is imprinted with a rainbow trout. Large with either a brown trout or a bonefish (your choice).

Medium $10.00 each      Large $12.00 each

Go to our WEBSITE to place your order.


We also wanted to share our Updated Trip Schedule in case you were thinking of planning your next fishing trip.  See our Hosted Trips page for more information.

June 21-28 — Holbox, Mexico (tarpon, snook, etc.)
July 24-Aug. 3 — Kenektok River, Alaska (trout, salmon)
Aug. 16-30 — Bighorn River, Montana (trout)
Sept. 10-21 — Tsimane, Bolivia (dorado)
Oct. 11-20 — Pyrenees, Spain (trout)
Nov. 30-Dec. 7 — Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)
Jan. 8-18 — Coyhaique Lodge, Chile (trout)
Feb. 2-17 — South Island, New Zealand (trout)
Feb. 27- Mar. 9 — Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)
Mar. 9-21 — San Martin area, Argentina (trout)
May — Saltwater, Mexico, TBA
June — Isla Holbox, Mexico, TBA
July 23-Aug.16 — East Africa Safari
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Fly Fishing with a Navy Seal

ffmWith Memorial Day still fresh in our minds I wanted to make sure that everyone saw the June/July issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine featuring retired Navy SEAL Master Chief Jay Manty (cover photo).

Barry and Cathy met Jay at the IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer Show) held in Las Vegas last year, and Jay came to visit Fishing Creek last fall. Jay and his friend Way Yin founded Discover Courage ( which is a non-profit program specifically designed for Special Ops Personnel. Ross Purnell and Monte Burke did an amazing job between the Editoral and the feature story flagand I would encourage you to pick up a copy of the magazine. It's an interesting read and a touching story. We are honored and grateful to have a small part in this cause and proud to be part of the fly fishing community that cares about our veterans. Our sincere Thank you to all who serve!    

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ORL in New Zealand wins 5th Certificate of Excellence

We're not surprised that our favorite lodge in New Zealand has done it again.  Congratulations to Felix and his staff at Owen River Lodge.  Come with us in February 2015, to experience the amazing South Island and Owen River Lodge.  You're not only visiting New Zealand's finest lodge, but also fish the finest rivers with the finest guides.  Click here to review the itinerary.


    TripAdvisor Accolade

   TripAdvisor was awarded Owen River Lodge a Certificate of Excellence for 2014.

header 1

This is the 5th year in a row we have won TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence and I would like to thank all of our wonderful guests that have taken the time to write a TripAdvisor review.

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Father's Day Ideas

Last chance to be prepared for Father's Day & summer fishing with these popular fly patterns. And we'll pay the postage.

1827 BECK IMAGE 2014-1

Cathy's Super Beetle Hi-Viz Wing Selection. You asked, we listened. We've added a red hi-viz wing on our super beetles so you can find them easily in the foam line and amongst the bubbles. This great summer selection includes a dozen beetles, 4 each size, 8/10/12. Boxed. $21.95




Comparadun Favorites. This selection includes patterns for the major hatches; Paralep. Blue Quill (16), Hendrickson (14), March Brown(12), Sulphur (16), Lt. Cahill (14) & Slate Drake (12). These are eastern patterns but are effective both in the east and the west. 18 flies, 3 each pattern. Boxed $32.95


 Free Shipping on orders over $50 until June 15- use coupon code "Fathersday" at checkout.  Click here to visit our store. 

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New Product to Patch Waders & Fishing Season Checklist


   Barry has found the greatest wader patch ever. It's Tear-Aid fabric repair for tents, sleeping bags, sails, inner tubes, and waders (among others). It goes on like a clear band-aid, it stretches, it's instant, and it cuts to size. The only caution is to make sure there are no wrinkles or you'll have to redo it down the road sometime. It should be in every gear bag. Order HERE from our store.


With the start of a new fishing season, it's time to get our gear in order. Don't forget to:

1. Check your waders for leaks and signs of wear and tear. Either take them into a dark room and run a light against the inside of the wader to detect leaks (the light will sign through the hole). Mark it with chalk on the outside. Or turn the waders inside out and fill them up with the hose. As the pressure increases inside the waders, beads of water will pop through detecting leaks. Mark the holes with a permanent marker (you're actually marking the inside of the wader). Use Tear-Aid to patch. Hang your wader belt on the suspenders so you always have it when you get to the stream.

2. Check and clean your fly lines. Look for cracks and signs of wear and replace any worn lines. Once a line shows cracks, it absorbs water and starts to sink, it won't shoot or float as well. It's time to retire it. Clean your lines with any good silicone based line cleaner. RIO makes an excellent cleaner as do all line companies. Stay away from mucilin as it's a wax base and can harm finishes on modern fly lines. Put new leaders on your lines.

3. Check rods and reels. Look for areas showing wear from flylines - look closely at your rod tips and stripping guides on the rods and the line guard and frame on your reels. Check with the manufacturer or your local fly shop for someone who can replace your worn guides and smooth out any sharp grooves. Don't put this off, these rough spots and sharp grooves can easily ruin expensive fly lines.

4. Check your vest. Your fly boxes should have a good supply of early season flies. For us here in the northeast, this will include nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners for Blue Quills, Quill Gordon, Hendrickson, and March Brown mayflies as well as Grannom Caddis and Early Black Stoneflies. Of course, Super Buggers will be the ticket for high or cold water.  Make sure you have fly floatant, split shot, and strike indicators. Check the sharpness of your snips and replace your sunscreen. Throw out the old tippet spools and replace with new.

5. Make sure your raincoat is ready to go and put a warm buff and fingerless gloves in the pocket - just in case. And make sure your net is attached.

Have a great season opener!

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Guiding Season 2014

Tom  Ben Harris0952 2012


With fishing season right around the corner (our opening weekend is this Saturday), we are busy scheduling our guides.  We still have some days available in May and June which is primetime for hatches and rising fish here on Fishing Creek, our medium size freestone home water.  Get the details here and give us a call at 877-278-5638 to look at dates.  Hope to see you on the water.   Toby  Leslie BC BECK Image0012

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Minnow video

We wanted to share a new video that we just uploaded to Y3425 BECK IMAGE 2014ouTube.  It's a group of minnows that were chased into a little back channel by a sizeable brown on the Rio Collon Cura in Patagonia. 

The annual migration of minnows from a huge reservoir brings with them some amazingly big trout.  Here's a great example of the size fish that feed on these minnows from our recent trip to Argentina. 

You can click here to watch the video.  Enjoy!    

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New Freshwater Flies Available

0021 COMPARA DUN SELECTION 1With spring around the corner, or so we hope, we added some new patterns to our freshwater flies including Comparaduns and Articulated Mud Sculpins.

Comparaduns are one of our all time favorite patterns for hatch matching situations. Not only do comparaduns give a realistic silhouette, but they are extremely durable as well. Our long time tier, Ken Mead, ties our comparaduns and we're happy to offer them in our store with patterns to cover the most popular eastern hatches. Get your boxes ready for fishing season. Visit our Online Store Here.

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"Grace" Fly Rod & Buying your first fly rod


Sage's GRACE Fly Rod Raises Over $14,000 for Casting for Recovery

 Fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing, partnered with the breast cancer non-profit Casting for Recovery (CfR) in 2013 to raise funds for the organization. Sage committed a portion from every sale of the GRACE rod to go directly to CfR to support its work. Sage is pleased to announce that $14,050 was raised for CfR through the 2013 GRACE program.

Casting for Recovery is dedicated to giving women powerful tools to overcome the mental and physical challenges of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The CfR quality of life program takes women on multi-day retreats and teaches them to fly fish at no cost. Donations allow CfR to offer its programming to more women in need of support.

"We're thrilled about the success of the GRACE rod, and so grateful for the generous contribution from Sage," says Whitney Milhoan, the executive director of CfR. "The GRACE rod is beautiful and performs with the same amazing quality Sage is known for, but what makes this partnership extra special is knowing that the team at Sage really believes in the mission of Casting for Recovery."breast-cancer-ribbon

"The GRACE rod expresses Sage's enthusiasm to help breast cancer survivors the best way we know how—by building an elegant fly rod that's comfortable to cast," comments Sage marketing manager, Eric Gewiss. "We couldn't be happier about the success of the GRACE rod and our contribution to this great organization."   


Looking to buy your first fly rod? This was a question brought to us this week. For it and other recently asked questions, check out our Q&A pages

   I am buying my first fly rod as a trout fisherman, what should I buy? 
A 9' #5.  There are more 9' for 5 weight rods sold than any other rod.  That's because this rod will work best in most trout fishing situations.  You can take it almost anywhere in the world and have a suitable, if not perfect, trout rod.  It should be a medium-fast action so you can be comfortable fishing all fly types.  Price?  Buy the best you can afford.  Buy from a reputable company in case you need service later on, and make sure it has a lifetime guarantee, most rods do.

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Expiration date on leaders and tippet



A client asked this week about the relevancy of expiration dates on leaders and tippet spools.  We asked John Harder at RIO for his thoughts on this subject.  John is the Director of R&D, but his co-workers call him the Mono-Man.  He knows his stuff and has given us some valuable information.  Thank you John.

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2 Weeks in Beautiful South Island, New Zealand



If you aren't signed up for the Frontiers Blog, you may not have seen Cathy & Barry's blog from New Zealand the past 2 weeks.  Here it is in case you missed it.  We're glad to have them back home but it looks like it was an amazing trip.


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Successful Show in Somerset, NJ

The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ, was this past weekend. The report is that the attendance broke all records, of course the weather helped! There were lots of presentations, dealers, manufacturers, seminars, destinations, and personalities. If you missed it, you missed a lot of fun. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

Click on the link below to see some of our favorite shots from the weekend.



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