New Facebook Fanpage!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick post about our NEW Facebook Fan Page. If you already 'LIKE' our old Fan Page, thank you! We appreciate the support very much. The old Fan Page never seemed to have the traction that Cathy's personal profile did. So we're going to where everyone already is.

If you were Cathy's friend on Facebook your profile automatically 'LIKED' the new Fan Page when we converted it over. But just to be sure, please take a second to visit us there and make sure your profile 'LIKES' the new page so we can continue to share the updates and other info that you've followed on Cathy's old personal profile.

Click the link below to visit the new Fan Page.

Barry & Cathy Beck's Fan Page

Thank you everyone for all your support and we look forward to seeing everyone on the new Fan Page and on the water!

Thank You and Happy Casting!

Barry & Cathy
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