Fall Guiding, Story of the Brown Trout, & Tips from Global Rescue

All anglers here in the northeast are happy again since we are now getting long awaited for rain!

Streams are coming up, fish are moving, and fall is definitely here. Here are a couple photos from the guides this week.


The story of the Brown Troutbrowntrout

 Almost wherever you roam in the world as you fly fish for trout you will find brown trout. How did this fish get to be in so many places? There are stories in many books about stocking and having to dump trout eggs and fry in streams across the globe when ice or energy ran out. Here is the short version by Alex Ford via MidCurrent and Amberjack:



An Active Shooter Situation

 With the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, it is apparent that we must be smarter and better prepared than ever before should we find ourselves in an similar emergency situation. Without overacting, we   can try to be prepared to make decisions that may save our life.    

Please read the following message from Global Rescue, take note, and pass it around. We hope you never have to use these suggestions. I like to think of it in the same light as having a fire extinguisher handy.....




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Second Week in New Zealand

Here is Cathy's follow up from last week's Report from the Field.  It sounds like they've had a great trip and I'm anxious to see the photos that Barry brings home.  There will be lots to do next week before they head to Argentina but I'll try to post a collage if I can get my hands on some of them.  For now you can read about the big trout they are catching below.


It's Wednesday morning here and our group is packing and getting ready to leave Owen River Lodge. We were talking at breakfast this morning about the trip and how lucky we have been with the weather and the fishing. It's been an incredible 2 weeks. Other than some wind and rain in the first couple of days, the weather has been blue-bird perfect ever since. The rivers are all in great shape, perfect water levels, crystal clear, and good dry fly fishing. The hot dry flies here at ORL this week have been parachute Adams, cicadas, and a new blow fly pattern. The name, blow fly, doesn't do the fly justice. It's a fairly large black fly with a white wing, it's easy to see, makes a great indicator fly, and the fish love it. As always, trailing nymphs or fishing a double nymph rig with various pheasant tail patterns always works well. We've had lots of double digit fish this week and Barry and I had a day with two double digits, one 10 and one 11 pounds. All of the fish are in extremely good shape, partly because it's a mouse year. There's no place like New Zealand for big, wild, healthy fish! Now it's time to come home for a week before we leave for Argentina - next on our radar.


NZ1   NZ2

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2 Rooms Left at Owen River Lodge - February 9-18, 2015

We have two rooms left at Owen River Lodge on the South Island (space for 2 singles or 2 doubles).  We all read about the double digit fish caught on dry flies and tiny nymphs in February in crystal clear water, so I'm going to show you a few photos of how incredibly beautiful the forests and trails are along the rivers, with maybe a fish thrown in for good measure.  New Zealand is a place all of it's own, there is nothing like it on Earth.  Come along with us in February and see for yourself.   Read the Itinerary here.


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New Zealand 2015 Dates Announced- Feb 1-20


Cathy recently wrote: We have spent at least 20 years exploring New Zealand and have found what we believe to be the two premier must-do lodges on the South Island. In Hanmer Springs, Riverview Lodge and near Murchison, Owen River Lodge. We have visited these two lodges annually for a number of years and we don't think you'll find better fishing anywhere. Come with us in February and experience the Everest of Trout Fishing. You'll never forget New Zealand - the people, the scenery, and especially the fishing. Read the complete itinerary and contact us if you have any questions. (Shorter stays available).  Click here to see the trip information on our website

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Minnow video

We wanted to share a new video that we just uploaded to Y3425 BECK IMAGE 2014ouTube.  It's a group of minnows that were chased into a little back channel by a sizeable brown on the Rio Collon Cura in Patagonia. 

The annual migration of minnows from a huge reservoir brings with them some amazingly big trout.  Here's a great example of the size fish that feed on these minnows from our recent trip to Argentina. 

You can click here to watch the video.  Enjoy!    

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New Zealand in February & Free Sage One Rod

Join us on our New Zealand trip and get a new Sage ONE Rod and RIO Grand fly line!

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Laxardal, Iceland

July found us back in Iceland for our second trip. This year we had more clouds and rain, but the fishing was just as good. Once again it was almost all dry fly fishing for big brown trout averaging 4-7 pounds. We used big foam beetles, parachute Adams, and Wulffs. Sometimes we trailed a small nymph but often it was a single dry fly. The river flows north to Husavik where it enters the ocean, just under the Arctic circle. We're already planning to return in late June, 2014. 

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