Cyber Monday Deals

In honor of Cyber Monday we've got a few deals of our own for you. 

First, our Santa's Sack of Accessories33 WINTER FLY FISHING

Our Santa's Sack includes the following accessories — A lifetime zinger, medium foam lined fly box, New Zealand strike indicators, Tear Aid for all kinds of repairs including waders, a mesh fish handler's glove, a Redington snip and hemostat, and a set of WD40 pens. It's a $80 retail value sack full of goodies, plus a couple of surprise items, for $59.95. Comes complete with a gift bag.



We also have our new Permit Shrimper flies for the saltwater angler on your list. 

5 WINTER FLY FISHINGPermit have always been high on our list of favorite saltwater flats fish. That said, they are the most difficult of the grand slam species to catch on a fly. Permit eat crabs and shrimp and up until a recent trip to Grand Slam Lodge, we relied on crab patterns for this ever elusive fish. After many refusals from two tailing permit, our Yucatan guide convinced us to try a shrimp pattern. Long story short – the same fish that refused our best crab patterns eagerly inhaled the shrimp. An hour later another tailing fish refused both our crabs and the shrimp pattern. That's permit fishing. Sometimes we win, sometimes the permit wins, but we now carry both crab and shrimp patterns in our saltwater fly boxes.

This is a new shrimp pattern that not only works for permit, but also as a bonefish pattern in size 6.


And last but not least, the Angler's 2016 Calendar is always a great gift.  calendar


To order any of the above, click on the links to be directed to our Store or call our office at 570-925-2392 to place your order.



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Christmas Gift Ideas from Barry & Cathy

Below are some great gift ideas for your favorite Angler this Christmas. 

$6.50 S&H.  All orders over $25 received by December 5th will be shipped free!

To order call us toll free at 877-278-5638 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christmas Specials WEB

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