Travel Update, Chasing Chrome & Gold, and Rover Enthusiasts?

Travel Recap

“How was flying?” That's what our family and friends are asking us since getting home from the Bighorn River. We know that some of you are flying, some of considering it, and some aren't ready yet. Well, this was our first flight since we were called home quickly with our group from Argentina in early March and we have to say that we were pleasantly surprised.

We flew from Philadelphia on an early morning Delta flight. The first thing that we noticed was that the airport was empty, really empty. We are on this flight often enough to know that this airport is usually bustling at this time of day and honestly the only thing open was Dunkin Donuts and one of the news stands. Everything else was shuttered and dark. I think all of the flyers were at Dunkin and that was about 25 of us – for the whole terminal!

Once we got to Minneapolis, it was a bit busier but nothing like we expected even considering the pandemic. We just thought it would be busier. We wore masks all the way and I was so happy that I had a couple types because my stretchy expensive one was uncomfortable after a while because it fits snug and made the bridge of my nose sore. Then I switched to a cheap disposable mask for the second half of the trip and was fine. So, if you're flying take more than one type of mask. Barry used his Buff and was fine.

Delta is not assigning middle seats unless it is a family so it was nice to have lots of room, and we were asked not to recline (which the person in front of Barry always wants to do) so we had no one in our laps – which was very nice too. Once in our seats, we wiped everything down with our own wipes and before take off, Delta went over everything they are doing to keep us safe and we were pretty sure that the airports and planes were probably much safer and cleaner than our local grocery store!

We will not hesitate to fly again, planning next month to Turneffe Flats in Belize, and hope that it's not long before we can all travel and feel safe. Cathy & Barry

 Chasing Chrome & Gold

One of our favorite destinations is Estancia Laguna Verde, Argentina, where we are planing to be in February. This wild, beautiful, remote place is home to some of the world's largest rainbow trout and most remarkable light.

0302 JURASSIC LAKE 2019AAWe are honored that the Estancia has featured us in Chapter 1 of “Love (for Photography) in the Time of Covid”, a series that mainly aims at showing Laguna Verde's “place in the world” through creativity, technology, vision, sensitivity and, ultimately, art. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Rover Enthusiasts?

Another first for us. We have the cover and feature story in Rovers North Magazine this month. And the subject? Argentina, of course, and Estancia Tres Valles in particular. 

There are many things that we love at this very special place – the people, landscape, food, fish, and of course, the old green Defender! Take a look.  Rover Mag

Follow this link, scroll to page 8, and then enlarge or zoom in to read.

Have a great week.


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