Summer Tactics, RIO Give-Away, & Great American Outdoors Act

Summer Tactics

Our head guide, Jim Kukorlo, talks to us about summer tactics for trout fishing. These are things that will help all of us become better fishermen. Let us know what you think.

Summer Time Dry Fly Tactics

Summer fly fishing is in full swing here in Pennsylvania and it's one of my favorite times of year to fly jimfish. People who know me well know that I love my nymph fishing and very seldom will they find me fishing a dry fly without rising fish or bugs on the water. Mid and late summer is the time I change tactics and do a lot of early morning dry fly fishing with crackle backs, beetles and hopper patterns. 

Everything Changes
Fly Rod – My favorite is the 9ft. 4 wt. Sage X. In still quiet pools I will sometimes use a 3wt line on my 4wt rod for a softer presentation.

Leaders & Fly Line – I use RIO 9ft 4x leader and add a 4 foot piece of 4x tippet when fishing foam hopper patterns. A lighter tippet will spin from the weight and stiffness of the hopper. Add a 2 foot section of 5x tippet when fishing crackle backs or stimulators flies. Ants, beetles and smaller flies use 6 or 7x tippet. I like to keep my leader around 14 to 16 feet long. The longer leader with help keep the trout from seeing my fly line.
RIO Elite Gold and Perception fly lines are camo green or moss green color and the only fly lines I use.

Clothing – Using natural colors that will blend into the back ground is very important when fishing in summer conditions. Outdoor clothing companies are now making camo colored hats and shirts. I have a UV long sleeve camo hoody that protects me from the sun and of course my Sage camo hat.

Stealth – Camo and natural color clothing helps to conceal you from the fish. But stealth is of the upmost importance. Moving slowly, keeping a low profile and staying out of the water as much as possible is essential to fooling wary trout.

DSC 0031Casting – Long casts are usually the name of the game this time of year. Try not to false cast much and when you do false cast don't cast over the fish. If you haven't cast from a kneeling position it would be a good idea to practice before your next fishing trip.

At some point as summer goes into August the water level can become too low and water temperature can rise where fishing would be dangerous to the trout. Carrying a thermometer and checking the water temperature is a very good idea. As a rule of thumb I don't fish once the water temperature hits near 70 degrees. Be careful releasing fish, keep them wet, and be sure they can swim out of your hand as you are releasing them.

Summer time fly fishing can offer some great dry fly fishing and I enjoy the challenge that it has to offer. Hopefully some of these tips will help you have a more enjoyable time on the water and catch a few wary trout.

 RIO's Big Give-Away

RIO30Thinking of time flying by, RIO is celebrating their 30th anniversary. Is that possible? In those 30 years, RIO has gone from a small fly line company selling fishing journals and hand-tied leaders to the world's most popular fly line, leader and tippet brand.  RIO Giveaway

To read more and to enter a chance to win a fantastic selection of RIO lines, reels, and carrying case, check out the details. 


Great American Outdoors Act

This Land is Your Land. This win is your win.

Doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on, the passage of this bill is huge. “Conservation victories do not come any bigger than this,” said Ben Bulis, President and CEO of AFFTA. “Nearly every county in every state has benefitted in some way from LWCF funds,” Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, and the list goes on. Here's 6 short paragraphs on what this bill does for everyone of us. Please take a minute to read and then thank you local congressman for listening, taking action, and making sure this landmark legislation reaches the president's desk.



Ryan and Jake Solomon came for a fly fishing lesson this week with their dad. They are among a group of many young people whom we've had the pleasure of helping get started in fly fishing this year. Getting young people started in fly fishing is one good thing that has happened as a result of the pandemic.

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