Summer Fly Special & Streamer Retrieve

Beetle Mania

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, we turn our thoughts to summer fishing and look forward to Sulphurs, Light Cahills, Slate Drakes and, of course, terrestrials. Ah, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.DSC 2200

Here on Fishing Creek summer is arriving early and we have been using beetles for several weeks and, as in other years, our two favorite pattern are Jim's Beetle and our own Super Beetle. Jim's beetle is a design from our long-time fly tier, Jim Smethers, who has tied for us for at least 30 years. His small, legged, foam beetle, with a spot of orange on the back, is always a top summer producer, and our larger Super Beetle is easy to find on the water, floats like a cork, and is especially productive in faster runs and pocket water often bringing up a big fish.

In celebration of summer we're offering a special- 6 Super Beetles & 6 Jim's Real Beetles for $19.95 plus shipping.   Click here to visit our store to purchase.


We also found a video clip we wanted to share with you.  Tom Rosenbauer gives us some tips on streamer retrieves. If you find yourself on the stream after a summer thunder storm with high, off-color water, his suggestions will be worth trying!  Click here to watch the video.


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