Spring has Sprung, 2 Trip Openings, & Spring Guiding

Spring Has Sprung!

All winter we waited, March arrived and with it a handful of warm days and anxious fishermen were on the water looking and hoping to see Quill Gordons and early black stones. But snow was still coming off the mountain and nights were in the 30s. Most of the fishing was dredging the bottom. April arrived and hopes shot sky high, the snow was gone but then came back. The water was too cold and the hatches sluggish. But as the days ticked by, nights grew warmer, water temperatures slowly rose and now we're celebrating with the start of good dry fly fishing.  2464Caddis Emerger 2021 BECK IMAGE

Tan caddis, Little Blue Quills, and Hendricksons are leading the march. With the longer, warmer days will come delightful evening spinner falls. We have new patterns for all of these flies in the store. Fly patterns are listed 0741 LBQ 2021 BECK IMAGEalphabetically, so be sure to browse the dry flies and nymphs & emergers. We're excited to see how well the poly fluff duns are doing. Barry says “Poly fluff flies are tied to catch fish – not just fishermen. They're buggy and they work”

As we continue to update the store, you will notice that we're changing the background color to gray for better fly detail and color. You'll see new patterns, photos, and tips for fishing the flies.  thorax dun

It tis the season, as they say, and everyday is exciting, some more than others but that's how it goes, and the unknown is what keeps us going back to the river. We hope you're getting out. This spring season will pass quickly, so take advantage of it.


2 Rooms 2 Trips

It feels so good to be talking about trips again! Hopefully 2022 will be a busy year of hosting trips, but for now we are happy to be returning to Turneffe Flats, Belize, October 16-23, 2021, and Tres Valles, Argentina, December 4-11, 2021.

 1477 TRES VALLES MARCH 2019We have one room at each lodge for either 2 anglers at double occupancy (shared room, shared boat), or a single angler at single occupancy. Although the itineraries are not showing current dates, please refer to the 2020 information on our web site. Except for dates and a slight price adjustment, information is correct. Contact us for further information.  4128 PERMIT


Guiding & Lessons

Looks like spring. The warm coats, hats & gloves are being replaced with rolled up sleeves and warm smiling faces.

 Brooke Record 0492  Diana Straitiff 0494  James Unkefer 0040 2  Mitch Jordan 0023

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