Spring Guiding & Sage MOD

Hendricksons, Caddis & March Browns

Our guiding is off to a great start here on Fishing Creek. With light drizzle for most of this week, the fishing has been very good each day with Hendrickson spinners, grannom caddis and the beginning of the March Browns. The weather has been cold and we're dressing warm, but that comes with the season and it won't be long until we're hoping for some of the cooler spring temps!











Speaking of the early spring hatches, we can't hardly write about the fishing without mentioning the new Sage MOD fly rod. Paired with a Sage 4250 reel and the RIO InTouch Perception fly line, it's been the perfect rod for our eastern Sagespring fishing. The MOD has just enough backbone for handling light streamers or a couple of small nymphs, but switches easily to a beautiful presentation when the hatch starts or the spinners fall. It's accurate, sensitive, and an absolute joy to cast. If you haven't tried one yet you should the next time you visit your local fly shop. We're pretty sure you'll fall in love all over again.  Check out the video of the rod here

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