Spring Fishing & Fishing a Spinner Fall


Spring Fishing

Some restrictions have been lifted and just in the nick of time since we saw our first March Browns yesterday. Water is in good shape and after next week we expect to have milder weather and better water temps. Bring on the dry fly fishing! Come on out!

This has been a week of fathers & daughters and fathers & sons. Here are a few shots.

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 Amelia Jenkins 2020

4942 Jake Frisch2020   4926 Clayton Cooney 2020


Fish a Spinner Fall

Dave & Amelia Jensen bring us this short instructive video with a crash course on mayfly spinners. Dreaming of a warm summer evening with spinners and rising trout? It's coming. Let yourself drift away to that evening with this short, informative 5 minute clip.

Thank you Dave and Orvis.




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