Smith Discount, Rita's Revenge, & Our Season

These are difficult times at best for all of us and perhaps the worst of it is that we don't know what might be on the horizon. After months of quarantining, working from home, no school, no real in-person meetings, no socializing, no this and no that, we still don't know where we're headed or when this coronavirus pandemic will end.

Barry and I have had all of our trips canceled for 6 months and are hopeful that we can resume international travel in the fall. In the meantime, August looks good for the Bighorn River, Montana, trip and like everyone else, we will be so ready to get out of town and to Montana to fish. Once we arrive in Ft. Smith (population maybe 500 in the summer) and to Kingfisher Lodge, we can all relax, unwind, enjoy the big sky country and the fresh air (about 24 hours of it a day), and put our thoughts on fly selection and what part of the river to float each day.

We hope you're getting through this summer as well as possible and that you are able to enjoy some quiet time on your favorite water. Shut off the cellphone, the 24-hour news headlines, take a big deep breath and escape this crazy world for awhile. It is true, there is healing for the body and the soul in fly fishing. We see it every day.

Thanks for following us,
Cathy & Barry


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“Rita's Revenge”
by Bob Romano

A nice short story. It's nice to think that places like Charlie's and young girls like Robyn are still around. Thank you Bob and MidCurrent.

 Our Season Slows Down

 Kyle Bailey Williams 0047Our season starts to slow down for a bit at this time of year. It has been a good season and if we continue to get rain it will continue to be good. Fishing Creek is a freestone stream and that means we need rain to have good water levels throughout July and August. Our stream stays cold but the water gets low and the fishing becomes very technical. September usually brings more rain and then we are good again until usually around Halloween or a bit later. Here are some shots from recent lessons and guiding.

Happy 4th of July!
Happy Father's Day!

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