Sage Films, Guiding Season, & Record-Breaking Catch

Films from the Field

sagehatSometime it's good to step away from the stress of life these days for a couple minutes of pleasure. Sage thinks so too and has put together Films from the Field. These are short clips featured not just about the search for new fisheries, but the pursuit of knowledge, experience, and understanding.
Enjoy, relax, and Explore.

Guiding Season Kicks In

Several outdoor activities including guided fishing trips will resume here starting tomorrow, Friday, May 1. For now, the reopening is limited to Pennsylvania residents only, but we are hopeful that our out-of-town anglers may soon be coming to Fishing Creek (with precautions, of course). Our fishing has been 4526 BECK IMAGE 2020good with incredible blue quill and Hendrickson hatches and good water levels. Fish are hungry, our guides are ready, and hatches are happening. Let's get the season going!      



Fly Angler's catch could shatter world record for permit

Kathryn Vallilee may have broken the world record for permit on 6-pound tippet while fishing off Key West. Congratulations to Kathryn and thank you USA Today bringing us the story.


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