RIO SlickCast, The Bighorn, & Trips Update

Introducing RIO SlickCast  rio

The minds at RIO never sleep and have recently introduced the SlickCast, a radical new coating RIO Slick Linetechnology that creates the slickest, most durable fly line in history. Read what makes this possible as RIO fly lines continue to command the market! Interesting video too.

 Bighorn River, Montana

Anglers on the 'Horn are expecting the PMDs and caddis to start any day and a few fish are taking grasshoppers. As expected, the upper river is fishing best and nymphs have out-fished dries and streamers. Water is clear and cold coming out of the dam and air temperatures are warm. These conditions will jump start the summer hatches and by August when we arrive, we should have good activity on tricos, caddis, hoppers – and the tail end of the PMDs.

This is not the river of old, tBIGHORN 2016 2065here are bigger fish these days but fewer fish. The 50 fish days with many small fish seem to be over for now and it has become a much more mature river offering quality over quantity.

We have a few rooms left in our first week, August 22-29. If you're itching to get out of town, come along with us for a great week of big sky country, quality fishing, and few people. Check out the details and contact us for further information, including Covid-19 precautions.


Beck Trips Update

The coronavirus has given us a constantly changing world. When will I return to work? Will the schools open next month? When will we be able to take trips again? For those of us in the travel business, and for most everyone else, these past few months have been a nightmare – with no guarantees on what is yet to come.

It is the unknown that often brings out the best in us and people in general usually have a pretty positive outlook, so it is encouraging to see friends and clients cautiously inquiring about our travel plans in the months ahead. I can hardly keep up with our calendar changes, but at present, this is what we are hoping for the next year, but knowing that it is now always subject to change.

August 22-Sept. 5        Two weeks on the Bighorn River, Montana. Trout.
October 17-24        Turneffe Flats, Belize (rescheduled from April). Permit, tarpon, bones.
November 6-13        Eastern Pyrenees, Spain (rescheduled from September). Trout.
November 30-Dec.5        Argentina Waters Lodge, Esquel, Argentina. Trout.
December 5-12         Tres Valles Lodge, Esquel, Argentina. Trout.
December 12-19         Estancia Tecka, Esquel, Argentina. (rescheduled from March.) Trout.
January 7-18, 2021        Pira & Suinda Lodges, N. Argentina. Golden Dorado.
February 6-13, 2021         Laguna Verde (Jurassic), Argentina. Trout.
March 6-12, 2021         San Huberto Lodge, Argentina. Trout.
March 13-20, 2021         Tres Valles Lodge, Esquel, Argentina. Trout.
March 20-27, 2021         Estancia Tecka, Esquel, Argentina. Trout.
June 21-July 4 , 2021         Ireland & Scotland. Trout/A. Salmon.
July 23-Aug. 9, 2021         E. Africa Safari. Kenya & Tanzania. Game Viewing.

August 5-15, 2021          Reel Action Camp, Alaska.  Salmon, char, trout.
August 21-Sept. 5, 2021         Bighorn River, Montana. Trout.
September 14-22, 2021         E. Pyrenees, Spain. Trout.

Thanks for following us on our blog. We hope you all have a good week and we'll be back next week.



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