Quick Holiday Photo Tips

With the holidays coming and friends and family getting together, we'd like to offer a few photo tips for the holidays....or anytime.  


1. Shoot verticals as well as horizontals, especially when photographing people in portrait-like situations or when opening gifts.

2. When shooting indoors keep windows out of the background. The camera will compensate for the bright light in the daytime and will render the faces dark or under exposed. At night the flash will bounce off the window glass.

3. Pay attention to background and foreground clutter. Find a less busy background and remove any soda cans and dirty dishes from the foreground.

4. Take more than one photo. It's easy to save the best and delete the rest. You never know when someone will blink or look away for an instant.

5. Hold the camera still. Another reason to take more than one shot. If the camera moves, the photo will not be sharp.

We hope these tips help you capture and create memories this season!


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