Poly Fluff & Spring Guiding

Hank Ties with Poly Fluff

Here's an easy, durable, very visible caddis adult that anyone can tie. Hank, one of the “L's” in L&L Products that some of our readers will remember from a few years ago is now a neighbor. In these past months at home we started to play around with poly fluff and have been reminded of what a great material it is for so many applications in tying flies. With a little tweaking and some new colors, it is available again.

If you don't tie, we have these caddis flies available in our online store. We think you'll like them!


Poly Fluff Caddis

polyfluff2By the time you read this we should have a good inventory of black and tan caddis adult dry flies in 12's and 14's. Tied in the same style as Hank's caddis adult in the video above except that we've added legs. Online Store.



Quint’s Poly Fluff Parachute

Quint 0001I had an interesting chat with Quint Davis last week. Quint teaches fly tying classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and sent a photo of his poly fluff parachute dun. Micro Fibetts for the tail too. Beautifully done, Quint, thanks for sharing with us.


And Winding up the Week

The beautiful spring weather we’ve had this past week has brought out the fishermen — well, that and our Guiding Special which runs to the end of the month. Here’s the proof:

Guiding 0098  Guiding 0115  Guiding 0031 1  Guiding 0073

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