Our New Programs

New Programs

2303crop2012.PGWe've been busy here this winter and are excited to announce our expanded Guiding & Fly Fishing Instruction programs to include a One-Day Learning Package and Family, Friends & Corporate events. We changed The Weekender to The Overnighter since weekdays are almost always more popular than weekends. But, no changes on the Guiding and Private Instruction, they are popular just as they are.

The One-Day Learning Package includes a half day instruction and a half Greg Napoli rainbow release0838AAday on the stream with a guide. This is already proving to be very popular.

The Family & Friends is designed as a one-day event and Corporate for two days, but we are flexible and can plan a fun filled event for your small group that will fit your needs.

2011 Tom instruction.3012Take a look around our website and contact us if you have any questions at all. We're scheduling now for Spring & Summer!

Country Life Experience? I'm saving that one for next week. Make sure you check back then!



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Curious to know where the most dangerous roads are in the World? Wonder no more. Take a look at these photos and descriptions. Thank you to The Travel Insider for this dizzying experience!


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