The One is the new kid on the block from Sage Rod Company for 2012. This is an interesting 3 minute video taking us inside the Sage factory to hear Kurt Van Wyck, Director of Research & Development, Steve Greist, Material Engineer and Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer, tell us all about the new technology and the new One. We recently had the opportunity to take a seven weight to Alaska, fished it everyday for a week, and are simply amazed at how spot-on accurate and true tracking this new rod is. The One is 25 percent lighter than it's predecessor, the Z-Axis, and has a much more sensitive feel. You can actually feel the line working on the rod, and that is one of the main aspects of the new technology at Sage. What we like most is that the new One is lighter, more responsive, more accurate, more sensitive than any fly rod up to this point. A pleasure to cast and fish. Check out the video and then stop at your local Sage Dealer and try the new One.