Natural Light & the Fly Fisher and a Report from Chile

Natural Light & the Fly Fisher

Ever wonder why on a certain day an orange nymph or purple prince will out perform everything else in your fly box? Or you may remember a day when a white streamer was the only fly the fish would look at – but not ever since that day.

Nymph box 0843I remember a times when the orange butt shrimp, and at different times the blue prince, caught more fish than a traditionally more effective same size fly like a pheasant tail or copper john. There is one day that stands out in my mind when a white streamer in late summer with low water was unbelievable. Why? When maybe the next day in the same place over the same fish they turn back to the PT or the copper john?

Everyone has a story like this and there have been many theories about why. Today we bring you another take on it, and it's very interesting. I don't know if I can remember the color strategy when I get out on the water, but I'm going to try. It may require a cheatsheet in my fishing pack.....


Report from Chile

IMG 2838Barry and Cathy’s group are enjoying beautiful warm weather at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile. Lots of blue skies and sunny days. Fishing is good and they are catching lots of fish on beetles, fat Alberts, and other summertime flies. Makes me wish I was with them! Click here to see some photos

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