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As promised, here is more from the Becks recent trip to Africa.  Barry has been busy editing images from their safari and we are beginning to get a glimpse here in the office of how great a trip it was. The wildebeest migration with the crossing of the Mara River looks fascinating. Below are a few of my favorite images & an excerpt from Cathy's journal which I just love reading...  Enjoy.

Monday - Aug. 10. Our vehicle stayed out all day, the others came in a little bit early. We both went back to the Mara River and watched another small crossing. Again all the wildebeests made it across safely. We saw cats, lions sleeping on the rocks, and later more sleeping by a ditch. We found one hot looking cheetah laying in the shade of a bush. We drove around looking for a male lion that our driver, Mohammed, thought should be near and found him with another female but they both looked hot and tired so we decided to go to lunch. On the way we stopped to watch a big herd of wildebeests gathering on the river bank and Mohammed thought they might cross so we went to the river with about 30 other vehicles. It wasn't long, after a couple false starts, that we watched as thousands of wildebeests and one topi all crossed safely to our side. It was an amazing spectacle and lasted for more than 10 minutes with no crocs which was amazing in itself. One little straggler on the end way behind all the rest even made it safely. Everyone was cheering him on and people clapped when he finally climbed out on our side. The sheer rawness of the event made it a very moving experience as the animals were frantic to get across and once in the water they were all kicking and bawling trying to climb over the slower ones. The panic was in their eyes and it was each one for himself, a wildebeest stampede in slow motion because the water was fairly deep and chocolate. Neither us nor they knew if or when the crocs would show.

After it was all over and the animals were off in the fields they immediately started to feed on the grass. Maybe it's how they calmed down. We decided to have lunch and talked about what we had just witnessed - the great migration, the stuff we see on National Geo and Animal Planet documentaries and how lucky we are to have seen it. The migration doesn't happen all at once or all in one place. There are many crossings and often the animals will change their minds and turn back. This is the stuff that keeps us coming back again!

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