Last Look

1016 TECKA 2019Let's take one last look at Laguna Verde and Tecka before we move on to other projects. Barry is done editing so we pulled for few of his photos for an album. The Becks are back in Argentina as this goes to print and we'll soon have some photos from Tres Valles and San Huberto. In the meantime, here's one more look at Jurassic Lake and Estancia Tecka.

Buying Flies

Brooke (she's our social media guru) tells me that I have to do this. She says I have to tell you why you should buy flies from our store. She says I need to tell you why we pick the patterns that we do, and the tiers, and she says we need to tell you about Jim Smethers. Okay, okay, I said. I'll say something.

So, the long and the short of it is that Barry and I have been selling flies since 1980. He was selling flies long before that inIMG 9095 his parents sporting good store – and later ours, Berwick, PA. He owned a small company called Cahill House which sold bamboo rods and flies, and probably other things but I don't remember. What I do remember from those early days is that neither his mom or dad had an inkling about fly fishing, but their son did. Barry was also working for Letort Limited, in Boilings Spring, PA, at the time and ran the little fly fishing department at the store on weekends. His mom (not to get off track) was in my mind an expert in guns, reloading, and ammunition. It's funny because I don't ever remember her shooting a gun but she knew her stuff when it came to reloading. Anyway, Jim Smethers was tying flies for Barry when I met him in 1979, and he's still tying for us today.

It's always been important to us to buy flies from tiers who fish. It's harder to do that today and we have to get some of our flies from Solitude, Umpqua, and other fly suppliers but it's nice to think that those patterns are, at least, designed by fly fishermen. But, Jim still ties lots of patterns for us and he fly fishes...albeit not like he used to, but still.....

Anyway, here's thanks to Jim who is, has always been, and will always be a great friend and fly tier!



Think you have problems? We found this video on MidCurrent by Erin Block, presented by Orvis. It kind of puts everything into perspective. Thank you all for sharing the story. We're behind you, Paul.