Laguna Verde & Estancia Tecka, Last Minute Room, & Survey

Laguna Verde & Estancia Tecka

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Barry is still editing photos from our trip, but we have a few cellphone photos from the group that we'd like to share with you – until we can get to Barry's.  Click here to see them

The first week at Laguna Verde, aka Jurassic Lake, aka Lake Strobel, was not without wind (seldom is there), but everyone caught big beautiful fish and the landscape of this fishery still amazes and impresses. The lodge is bigger, more comfortable, and the guides are top notch. Can't wait to get back next February!

Estancia Tecka was our second week, and after casting big rods in big wind for big trout, it was nice to be in warmer weather on the Tecka and Corcorvado Rivers casting 5 & 6-weights to rising browns and rainbows. The estancia is amazing with great guides and staff and we're happy to have this destination become a regular stop for us each year.

 Last Minute Room

blog1Limay River Lodge, Argentina
March 28-Apr. 8

We just had a cancellation on a room at the Limay. Timed for big migrating browns on a beautiful river at a very special time of year — fall in Patagonia.
Join us and a small group at Limay River Lodge for an incredible week.
Trip Details.


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We have a few questions that we are hoping you will answer for us. We've put this blog out weekly since 2016, and I've always wondered what does you, our reader, find most interesting? What catches your eye? We'll use your answers to plan future blog content.

You can do the survey in less than 5 minutes. You can answer anonymously or you can give us your email and we'll put your name in a drawing for a RIO camo mesh cap and a matching Buff. We will be collecting answers until  March 7th.  We thank you for participating.  RIO hat 3051

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