Kill Pebble, Sage X, & Report from the Bighorn

Kill Pebble!

We all got incredibly good news this week when President Trump called put a screeching halt on plans to pebble minemove ahead for the massive Pebble Mine project in Alaska. Some of you have been with us in the Iliamna area and other parts of the Bristol Bay drainage and know what is meant by pristine, untouched, wilderness. This is our land, our pristine wilderness, our salmon fishery (the best is in the world), and why we would even consider giving it away to a Canadian mining country for a few jobs (at the cost of many) is way beyond the wildest imaginations. Regardless of which side of the aisle you're on politically, celebration is due.

It's hard to believe that there is anyone out there who has not seen the Kill Pebble Mine decals or the headlines from the fishing and environmental community. It's been ongoing for years and up until this week, it looked didn't look good for Bristol Bay. But, when President Trump made the declaration that the Pebble Mine Company would have to show us how they can build a mine of this magnitude with a “settling pond” the size of 460 football fields and assure us that it will never, let me repeat...NEVER, leak or rupture, (really??). This land is so fragile that they might as well convince us the moon is made of green cheese!

It's not over, Pebble says they can satisfy the request. Everyone doubts that, but for now another nail has been firmly driven into their coffin.

Thank you President Trump!

Sage X

Go behind the scenes on the X rod with rod designers Peter Knox & Paul Schmierer. The story of Sage is one of constant evolution and since the X was introduced in 2017, it has remained the “game changer” not only at Sage, but in the fly fishing industry. An easy-on-the-eyes 6-1/2 minute video, beautifully done (as everything is at Sage).

Report from the Bighorn

Everything they said about the Bighorn is true. We're catching big fish and they are showing us our backing! The river is low and fishing well. Most afternoons we are casting hoppers and fishing caddis and nymphs during the rest of the day. Here are a few shots from the week so far.

bighorn8 bighorn1  bighorn2 bighorn3  bighorn4    bighorn9bighorn5  Bighorn6


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