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Let the Show Begin

Barry and Cathy are in Orlando at the iCast/AFFTA (American Fly Fishing Trade Association) annual show. This is an sageindustry show where all the manufacturers come together to show new products and product lines. Dealers, sales reps, distributors and manufacturers from all over the world are at the show for the next three days. Today was the second day of set-up and as you can see, the Sage booth went from chaos to stunning in 2 days time. While it took 2 days to put it up, at the end of the show it will all come down in about 5 hours time!


The new products from Sage for 2016 include the MOD, a moderate action rod in 2 thru 6 weights, all 9'. Retail $850. The Little ONE family is a handful of rods 0 thru 4 weight, all 8'2". Retail $850. The BOLT is an ultra-fast action rod in 4 thru 8 weight, all 9'. Retail $650. The PULSE is a fast action rod 3 thru 8 weight, various lengths. Retail $450. The popular METHOD, CIRCA, SALT, ONE, ACCEL, MOTIVE and APPROACH rods are not changed for 2016. The reel line continues to redefine itself and while there are new models and improvements within some of the families of reels, the families themselves have not changed.

A note from the Redington side, we're seeing lots of new rods and reels with amazing technology and design at even more amazing prices. Check out all of these new products at your local dealer in the coming months.

We'll have more from the show next week.



Still Space for the Spanish Pyrenees

We still have rooms available October 12-20, 2015, on our Spain departure. Fall is a beautiful time of year to be in the mountains and the Spanish Pyrenees are no exception. Come with us and experience spring creeks, streams and small tailwater rivers. Lot of fishing and lots of scenery and a great price. $5950, 6 days fishing. (double occupancy/shared guide). Spain is a great trip for non-anglers too. See the itinerary.



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