Guiding Special, Carbon Neutral, & Prolonging the life of a fly line

Guiding Special Extended

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We had a very mild winter....until we announced the winter guiding special a few weeks Guides BECK IMAGEback. Now, after weeks of snow, ice, and freezing temps, it looks like spring might be on the way so we're extending the Winter Fishing Special until March 31st. Jim, our head guide, reported that he was out yesterday and it was one of the best days of the winter- and, he saw little black stoneflies and blue winged olives. With warmer temperatures the fish are more active and afternoons are pleasant. 4 hours guided fishing (Noon-4:00) for $175. Give us a call to schedule. 570-925-2392.

 What is Carbon Neutral?

Hi Everyone, I don't know what this means exactly. For the most part I think that it must be a good thing. Less pollution...or something like that. This article from the AFFTA Fisheries Fund first newsletter helps explain terms like this that are being tossed around these days. Let's all subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you AFFTA. Great job. Cathy.

Carbon Neutral 2021 02 25 at 10.02.49 AMWithin the past six months, I’ve received a slew of pitches for products and services that all sound eerily similar: a “climate positive” parka and burger, a “carbon negative” vodka, a “carbon neutral” shipping service, a “carbon zero” commuting app, and “zero carbon” coffee.   Net Zero Eye 01
For scientists and environmentalists, these phrases have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that companies, from small startups to established corporations, have adopted them for mainstream marketing use. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pledged to have the company be carbon neutral by 2040; Microsoft has committed to be carbon negative by 2030; Starbucks aims to be “resource positive” …..  Go Neutral
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How To Prolong The Life Of A Fly Line

In this episode of RIO's "How To Fly Fish" series, Chris Walker explains and demonstrates a number of ways that a fly line's coating can get damaged in day-to-day fishing situations. Having a fly line perform at the very best of its potential is much easier if you can avoid some of these very simple, common-sense mistakes.
Clearly explained in Chris's easy-going, simple-to-understand style, this film shows how easy it is to keep a fly line from getting damaged.
We've got a few packs of RIO's fly line cleaner that you'll see in the video. Send us a comment through the blog (make sure you're viewing online) and we'll send you a packet to try.

Poly Fluff & Spring Guiding
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