Fly quiz, Dry Droppers & Fishing Creek in Winter?

See the Common Denominator?

There is something that these five Umpqua flies all have in common. Can you see it? Hint: Look beyond the hook.

First one to see it will win a Super Bugger Selection and a Super Beetle Selection.

You have until next week at this time. How observant are you?

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Dry Droppers

I hope to meet Domenick Swentosky someday. We live in the same state so it's rather weird to me that we haven't yet crossed paths. I follow Domenick on Troutbitten, his web site and blog, and have to say that he has a way of thinking and writing about little intricacies and nuisances that simply wouldn't occur to most anglers. I would love to read his mind as he watches a cast drift through a current because I'm pretty sure his thoughts would amaze me.

Anyway, this week he writes about Three Styles of Dry Dropper. I think I'm safe in saying that all of us have fished dry/dropper rigs and have probably done quite well with them. Well, if you take fishing seriously and if you really want to understand what is happening – and not happening – as your cast drifts through the water, read Domenick's take on it. I found myself going from one link to another trying to get a better grip on what he's got to say, and have some ideas that I want to try.

When you have time for some good reading – maybe tonight after dinner, give this some thought. It will make us better fishermen.


IMG 3045

This is what Fishing Creek looked like earlier this week. Last week we had record lows, this week record highs. Is there a “normal” anymore?


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