Fly contest, Jurassic Lake & Jim's Tips on Cleaning & Maintenance

Last Week's Contest

Last week we invited our readers to guess what the following five Umpqua flies have in common: Bonefish Deep Minnow, Drowned Spinner, Bennett's Lunch, Neon Nightmare, and Gen-X Bunny. Well, we had some good guesses, but no one got it right yet. Here’s another hint: The answer is in the names…. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your guess.
*see photos and details in last week’s blog*


Jurassic Lake (a.k.a. Laguna Verde)

The Becks are at Jurassic Lake, Argentina, this week with a group of hardy anglers. Not only is Jurassic Lake known for big fish but big wind as well. It's wild and remote with poor internet, but I'm sure they are not thinking of the internet with cruising rainbows up to 20 pounds. We'll have a few photos for you next week when they move up to Estancia Tecka. We'll keep you posted.


Jim's Tips  Jim DSC 0001 2

Winter time is a great time to inspect your fly rods, reels and lines and to do some cleaning and preventive maintenance. I have several rods, well….more than several. Lets say a lot of rods and reels so I set aside a day that is dedicated to rod and reel cleaning.

Fly Rods – Clean with warm water and dish detergent. Pay special attention around the guides where dirt and film can collect over the season. You can use a pipe cleaner to clean around the rod guides. I use a scrubby pad and dish detergent and lightly scrub the cork handle. (My wife doesn't read this blog so please don't mention it to her). After the rod and cork handle is completely dried I apply furniture polish to the rod to protect and add a shine to it.

Reels – Take the spool off the reel and rinse the reel with warm water and a little soap. Let the reel dry completely before putting the spool back on the reel. It’s also a good idea to back the drag off to the lowest setting to store.

Fly Line – I keep a cleaning pad saturated with RIO fly line cleaner in my gear bag and from time to time through out the season after I'm done fishing for the day I run the fly line thru the pad. A easy way to clean fly lines is to put warm water in a bucket with some dish detergent. Strip the line off the reel and run the line through a rag to clean the line. Add line cleaner to a pad as you are reeling the line back onto the reel. Now that I have all my reels laying on a table I inspect the fly lines for any cracks or signs of wear and tear and take note of any lines that I might have to replace with new ones.

It's a great way to spend a cold winter day and a little preventive maintenance will keep
your rods and reel in good working order for the upcoming season.




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