Father's Day, RIO 1 Minute Tips, and Proper Position in the Stream

Happy Father's Day to Me

Sel 9437You don't have to be a dad to take advantage of our boxed fly selections. The flies in our selections are always priced lower than when purchased individually, are the sizes you want, and are boxed and ready for your vest or pack. Dries, beetles, nymphs, streamers, the choice is yours. Check out our fly selections and don't forget – we always pay the postage on orders over $50.



RIO Make the Connection

RIO 1-Minute Tips   riologo

We've got two more 1-minute tips from RIO. A better-than-saliva way to tighten knots and a new leader for our ESN fans. Take a look!



Proper Position in the Stream

For our dry fly fishermen. We often find ourselves so comfortable with a routine that it's hard to break loose. Fishing is that way. We get used to using a handful of favorite flies, we cast the same every time, we approach every situation the same way. We know the game. You could say we're in a rut.

Here is a short video from Phil Monahan for Orvis on the position we take in the stream. It's good thought for dry fly fishing.



Happy Father's Day!
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