Fall in Maine, The View from Cathy's Window, & Chasing Trout with Maddie Brennenman

Friend and client, Art Rorex, recently attended a photo workshop in Maine. We asked him to share a few thoughts with us:

A Fall in Maine

Thanks to Barry and Cathy I’ve been privileged to fish in some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world. However, because I’m on a fishing trip I usually don’t take nearly enough time to appreciate that beauty. Fortunately, there are also countless beautiful places here at home. This fall I spent a week in one of them.

Acadia National Park was established in 1919 through the efforts of local individuals who wanted to preserve the undeveloped land around Bar Harbor. Although the original reservation was only 6,000 acres, the park now has over 47,000 acres with 158 miles of hiking trails and the coastline of Mount Desert Island. Photo opportunities are everywhere and, when combined with the rest of the Maine coast, nearly limitless.

Days started at 6:30 on the beach ready for sunrise. Mornings and afternoons were spent in the birch woods, on the trails and along the streams. Evenings were reserved for photo editing. In the end, it was a great time that produced some very satisfying photos -- kind of like one of Barry and Cathy’s fishing trips.

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  Click here to see more of Art's photos from his trip

The View from My Window

Cathy here. I sometimes talk about the view from my office window. Our offices are in our home and mine is in the back of the house facing into the woods. Barry, Brooke, and Susie are out front and I think I have the best spot. Anyway, I can look out my window and watch deer, birds, turkeys, squirrels, and once in a great while a black bear.

Over the years we have always had lots of whitetail deer and I enjoy watching them, especially when the first snow is on their winter coats. We've never allowed any hunting around the house – until this year. In recent years our deer population has exploded and we have too many deer. They are smaller now because they have to compete for food and the undergrowth has disappeared from our woods since they eat everything they can reach. So, when a friend asked if he could bring his 9 year old son and come and hunt archery, we said yes!IMG 2368

We see Chris & Jase going into the blind after school and sometimes in the early morning we'll see the truck and will know that Chris is in the blind. We can imagine the discussions father and son have in the quiet of the woods while patiently waiting for a good shot. For Chris, I think it's a chance to spend time with Jase. It's obvious the bond they share in their blind in our woods and we are thankful that we can be a small part of the experience.

We could have snow in a couple weeks and the blind will be gone, but for now it's part of my landscape.

Chasing Trout with Maddie Brenneman

I like these short spotlight videos on outdoor people. Maddie Brenneman is an inspiration to young women. Do what you love and be who you are. She reminds us that we all need to get outdoors and....be alive.


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