Carbon Neutrality for Delta, Stream Report, & Fish for the Future

Carbon Neutrality for Delta

We all want to make this world a better place for our children and future generations, but sometimes no matter what we do, it's seems too big a job. That doesn't mean that we stop trying.  delta

Along with individuals, there are small companies working hard to make a difference and Patagonia Clothing Company is way out in front,but it's nice to see a big, really big, corporation taking steps to literally change the way they operate in a positive, environmentally good way. Take a look at what Delta Airlines is doing. Let's hope it spreads!

Jim's Stream Report

Terry Johnson 0391It's been a busy week on the stream with guiding, and the fishing has been good. We are seeing caddis, blues quills and Hendericksons with hatches starting in early afternoon. Mother nature has been throwing us a curve ball with one nice spring day and the next day resembling winter with wind, rain and cold.  Mike Pavone

Monday started out cold, but nymph fishing was good throughout the morning. Fly selection was pretty much the normal early spring flies such as pheasant tails, hare's ear, dead drifting small streamers and caddis emergers. The poly fluff caddis emerger has been my go to fly this spring. After lunch blue quills and Hendericksons were hatching and we had a nice afternoon of dry fly fishing with  Kristy Clewett 0356several nice trout being brought to the net.

jimfly1I had high expectations for more dry fly fishing on Tuesday especially since the weather was a lot nicer. Although we saw hatches starting just before noon, nothing really developed bug-wise. Late afternoon size 16 and 18 bead head euro nymphs were the flies of the day and of course the size 16 caddis emerger. Mark Clewett 0360All in all it’s spring time in Pennsylvania and snow flurries are in the forecast tonight and tomorrow morning. Last year at this time in a snow blizzard I saw an awesome Henderickson hatch. I'm anxious to see what tomorrow brings on the stream. The fish are hungry and it's a great time to be on the water. John Frisch 0471

-Jim Kukorlo

Fish For the Future

Some of our most formative experiences come from time on the river. Those lessons equip us to live a more meaningful life, one of responsibility to the natural resources that have given us so much. For many, fly fishing guides are the conduit through which those lessons are shared. Guides are the backbone of the fly fishing world, and their job goes far beyond showing someone how to fish. They are teachers, gurus, friends, and advocates for wild places.

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