BRL Update

Just wanted to share some news from Cathy who's in Belize right now...

BRL Taron 0635 002 "We are having an interesting week here at Belize River Lodge. We've had a mix of sun and overcast skies making sighting fish on the flats difficult, but no rain. A building breeze most days feels good until after lunch when it picks up and we head for the rivers and lakes. Fishing has been an interesting discussion at cocktail hour each night. Everyone is getting lots of opportunities and we're all taking about fish caught, lost, jumped, broken off - all the usual results. We hadn't seen any big tarpon around at all and yesterday Ron Schwarz turns around and lands a 100+ pound fish. He fought it for over 2 hours and was worn out. The biggest fish he ever caught. Dick Barnett was the first to land a nice tarpon, about 50 pounds, first day out. Yesterday Skip had 4 nice snook by 9:30. First day out we chased permit all day long - they followed, we changed flies, they followed, we changed the retrieve, they followed and stayed around but we could not get them to eat. Everyone is having fun with baby tarpon and the usual bonefish. Overall, it's a great week and we're all happy to be here!"

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