Bighorn Update, Kids Fishing, & Fishing from a Drift Boat

Bighorn Wrap-Up

It has been an exciting couple of weeks here on the Bighorn. After less than par fishing the last few years, the river has bounced back and is a very different fishery this year. The flows are down, water is cold and clear and fish are big and feisty. We were told that everyone would see their backing and it was so. Hard running, strong, beautiful fish were waiting for us.

There is so much food in the river that some of the smaller fish are growing so fast that they look like crappies! It is certainly the year that the “Horn” turned around. Click here to take a look at the fish this year!

Send Us Your Kids Photos!

 2019 369AA couple weeks back we asked for photos of kids fishing, any kind of fishing. We've seen a lot of kids fishing this year because of extra family time together and want to do a Facebook album of all kids, little kids and big kids. We need your help.

We'll collect photos for another week, so please send us shots of the kids so we can include them. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The album will be viewable to everyone whether you're on FB or not.


Fishing From a Drift Boat

These two weeks on the Bighorn has brought up discussions on how easy it is to get lines tangled when two people are fishing from a drift boat. Here is an interesting and helpful article from Phil Monahan about this very subject. Be sure to read the comments too. Thank you Phil and MidCurrent.

Fly Casting From a Drift Boat  driftboat
By: Philip Monahan
Question: My husband and I are heading west this summer to float the Madison. We’ve only fished out of a drift boat once before, and we kept tangling lines. How can I avoid that — and the ensuing glares from the old man — on this trip?


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