Bighorn Report, RIO Elite, & Lost Fishing Friends

Bighorn Report

Caddis on Bighorn 2000This is what we've been waiting for from the Bighorn...and just in time for our trips coming up next week. Thank you to the Bighorn Angler for putting it out there.


Summer is in full swing on the Bighorn and we will just get to the point…We are experiencing the best fishing we’ve seen since 2016 and the Summer is just beginning! It’s hard to imagine how it could get much better, but it will, and should last all the way through September. The hopper fishing has been very solid as of late. Lots of hoppers on the water and fish blowing up on them for the second year in a row….oh, and they are eating flies too…. It’s good to see so many happy clients (and guides) as hopper fishing is our favorite kind of fishing on the Bighorn. Did we mention the fish are BIG?


PMD's AND CADDIS ARE HERE!  Screen Shot 2020 08 12 at 2.51.42 PM

For those of you who like to catch fish, it’s about as good as it gets right now, and only getting better. PMD's have made their appearance the nymph fishing remains outstanding. Our Bighorn fish are stuffed full of Sowbugs, PMD’s and Caddis. August will be the month to be here!

Flows have been low so far this summer hanging out around 2500 cfs, and should stay at that level for the remainder of the Summer. This has translated into colder water temps as the water has been coming from the cold lake bottom. This is how it should be. The name of the game for a healthy tailwater fishery is a cold, consistent flow. Summer of 2020 will be a monster! The water temps continue to rise and have the fish on the move. Our Bighorn PMD's and Caddis are just about in full swing. The At this rate, we're expecting to be fishing dries well into the Fall, but the next few weeks should be prime time! Pack up your mask, rubber gloves, and hand sanitizer and get out here!


And the best part? We still have a room or two on each week so if you can drop everything and come on out, we suggest you do it. There are no tricos yet, but are expected any day. We don't always get a year like this one and it sounds mighty good. Come for the week or a few days, but come!
Check it out and call us today.

RIO Elite – Game Changers

rioeliteRIO lines have been the go-to line for anglers for many years and they just got better with the new “Elite” series featuring RIO's “Slick Cast” coating on all the RIO Gold, Grand, Perception & Technical Trout fly lines. Hear it from the lab guys at RIO & Kirk Deeter at Angling Trade News who has been testing these new lines. The thinking never stops at RIO!

Lost Fishing Friends

Just a couple paragraphs from Domenick Swentosky on fishing friends. They come and go and can leave an emptiness behind. It's nice to sink the mind in fishing memories for a minute or two in this crazy world of today.

Troutbitten Josh darling Friends599

Thanks for checking in with us this week. We hope you have a good week ahead and we'll see you next week. Fall fishing is just around the corner. Where did summer go?




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