Annual Bighorn Trip

Barry & Cathy are in Montana at Kingfisher Lodge this week.  We've heard great things about their past trips to the Bighorn and the photos are always stunning.  Cathy emailed this morning and here's what she shared with us here at the office.  Sounds like this year won't disappoint either!

"We're having a very unusual two weeks here on the Bighorn. Last week started out hot and sunny, typical for this time of year. Toward the end of the week though the weather turned cold, wet, and windy. We pulled out our fleece and down jackets. The mahogany spinners and tricos kept on coming and fishing was good despite the weather. Yesterday the sun showed and summer is coming back. 90 degrees is predicted before the end of the week. Lots of rising fish. It's a great time of year on the Bighorn!  -Cathy"

BIGHORN RIVER  2014  1378   BIGHORN RIVER  2014  1553       KING FISHER LODGE MT  2192    BIGHORN RIVER  2014  1673     BIGHORN RIVER  2014  1635   KING FISHER LODGE MT  2168   FORT SMITH MT  2014  2349 

Come fish our Home Waters this Fall
Great video clip

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