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New Web Site is Coming

We are finally close to launching our new web site. I thought this year of basically quarantine would be a good time to take on the project, but it's turned out to be a long drawn out affair. Between Brooke and myself, we've got kids and grandkids attending school in the living room and not having any clear direction on where the travel business is headed or when we will resume traveling, canceling one trip after another, restrictions on lockdown and what we can and can not do with guiding and instruction here in Pennsylvania, and, well – it's been challenging. But, we all think it's changing...finally.

Both 0317Back to the web site, we're adding some new flies which we are excited about. You've seen and read about the poly fluff material that we're selling, using, and incorporating into some of our patterns. Last week we talked about poly fluff caddis adults and this week we have caddis emergers.

New Caddis Emergers (Pupa)

Our caddis emergers are tied with tungsten beads to sink quickly. The poly fluff wing case can't absorb water but the water hangs on it to make a realistic looking gas bubble Emerger 3532 1which all emerging caddis use to propel themselves to the surface. Caddis pupae are very hairy and the translucency of the synthetic poly fluff adds to the realism of the actual caddis. Tied right here by our guide, Tom Harris.  Online Store

4 Body Colors: Creamy Gray, Tan, Green, Light Olive
Sizes: 12, 14, 16

$2.25 each

 Understanding Caddis

   Here's a great short piece by Josh Deck, a full time guide with Fly Fishing the Smokies. We too will see the Grannom caddis here on Fishing Creek. Our Gannoms will have a bright green body and tan wing. The gas pocket that Josh talks about is perfectly caddis hatchimitated with the translucent, buggy-looking properties of poly fluff. Thanks, Jeff.

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Poly Fluff & Spring Guiding

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